Laboratory As A Business (LAAB) Consulting Services
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Laboratory As A Business (LAAB) Consulting Services
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Laboratory As A Business (LAAB) Consulting Services focus on helping labs address clinical, operational and financial challenges by positioning the laboratory as an enabler of value-based healthcare. We achieve this by leveraging lab capabilities, informatics, internal expertise and competencies, along with external partnerships to recommend or structure sustainable solutions that achieve business objectives.

Our LAAB consultants, in conjunction with our digital ecosystem partners, help drive value-based solutions by informing, analyzing and recommending concrete approaches to laboratories of any size. They identify opportunities to:

  • Maximize revenue with digital solutions
  • Reduce costs through improved efficiency and test utilization
  • Increase volume through outreach and customer relationship management.

Key areas of focus for LAAB are helping laboratories align to the goals of value-based care and Clinical Lab 2.0, as well as mitigating the impact of reimbursement cuts associated with the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) and new payment models.


Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Improve revenue cycle management

  • Improve cash collections by maximizing revenue and decreasing denials through Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).
  • Identify efficiency gains in communications, billing and processing with Digital Ecosystem partners.
  • Grow lab profitability through outreach testing.

Maximize operational efficiency
Identifies cost reduction opportunities through reagent efficiency, hub and spoke analysis, financial impact and supply chain models.

Optimize lab test utilization
Reduce cost and increase revenue with lab test utilization capabilities, including shifting the focus on outpatient care

Supporting outreach growth
Use customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and leverage Siemens Healthineers laboratory diagnostic and point-of-care product portfolio to support and grow outreach.

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