ABCs of ABG: Clinical Applications of Blood Gas Complimentary Webinar SeriesEarn CE/CRCE Credits

Join us for a discussion on the basic principles of blood gas analysis, with a focus on acid-base balance and respiratory/metabolic disorders and an understanding of the associated arterial blood gas (ABG) values. This webinar will help to simplify the assessment and identification of these disorders.

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Join us as we review the anion gap and delta ratio to understand the usefulness of these calculations in the diagnosis of metabolic disorders. Mixed acid/base disorders and their corresponding etiologies are presented. Many clinical examples are shared that help to simplify the assessment of these disorders.
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You are invited to the final presentation of this three-part series
This session:

  • Addresses the use of arterial vs. venous blood gas measurements.
  • Discusses measured vs. calculated bicarbonate values.
  • Reviews lactate as a predictor of mortality and the relevance of an osmolality measurement.

Clinical examples are shared to illustrate the interpretation of blood gas results for a proper and definitive diagnosis.
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