Educational Accredited Opportunities

Creatinine: Significance and Applications for Rapid Creatinine Testing

Key learning objectives

  • Discuss the risk factor for development of AKI.
  • Explain the importance of early identification of changes in renal function.
  • Discuss how rapid creatinine testing can assist in mitigating kidney injury.
  • List future applications for a rapid creatinine test. 

Diagnosing and Managing Sepsis Syndrome: The Emerging Role of Bedside Analyte Testing

Key learning objectives

  • Review the epidemiology of sepsis
  • Describe biomarkers used in the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis
  • Explain how to evaluate sepsis tests and results
  • Identify the benefits of point-of-care analyte testing in sepsis patients 

VAP: Diagnosing and Managing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Key learning objectives

  • Identify the risk factors of VAP
  • Review the epidemiology of VAP
  • Describe guidelines and recommendations used in the diagnosis and treatment of VAP
  • Identify the benefits and limitations of point-of-care testing in VAP patients 

The importance of pre-analytics in blood gas testing (expires 29 June 2023)

  Key learning objectives

  • Understand the technique for properly drawing arterial blood for blood gas analysis
  • Explain the pre-analytical considerations to minimize potential sources of error of patient results
  • Identify suitable anticoagulants for arterial blood gas samples

Understanding the complexity of urinary tract infections and the role of urinalysis in early detection (expires 15 Sept 2023)

   Learning objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge of urinary tract infections (UTIs) including causes, diagnosis, and treatments
  • Explain the role of urinalysis in the diagnosis of UTIs
  • Describe the use and misuse of antibiotics to treat UTIs
  • Recognize how point-of-care urinalysis can be used to improve outcomes

Transforming Care with POC Testing (expires 26 Oct 2023)

    Key learning objectives

  • Identify the benefits of POCT
  • Identify the challenges of operating and managing POCT
  • Describe the impact of POCT on various hospital departments

Hemoglobin A1c measurement and standardization (expires 31 Oct 2023)

     Key learning objectives

  • Explain HbA1c testing and its correlation to historical diabetes patients' clinical outcomes studies
  • Describe the HbA1c standardization process and the current state of HbA1c measurements
  • Analyze potential analytical and biological interferences affecting HbA1c results

The connection between COVID-19 and diabetes: Where are we headed? (expires 04 Nov 2023)

     Key learning objectives

  • Understand the pathophysiology of diabetes
  • Learn how an infection or inflammation interacts with patients with diabetes
  • Discover how COVID-19 altered diabetes assessment and management

The importance of point of care testing in pediatrics (expires 13 Dec 2023)

    Key learning objectives

  • Discover the benefits of POCT in pediatrics
  • Explore the challenges of collection and testing pediatric specimens
  • Understand the impact of POCT on the workflow of pediatric settings
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