Get up close and personal with  photon-counting at STR 2023

Redefine what is possible in thoracic radiology

Thank you for visiting us at STR 2023

Charleston, SC|Mar 5 – 8, 2023

Thank you for visiting us at STR to learn how our advanced CT solutions can help you improve cardiothoracic patient care. We look forward to seeing you again at STR 2024. 

Until then, explore the links below to learn about photon-counting CT and explore our CT portfolio virtual showroom.


The NAEOTOM Alpha with Quantum Technology will redefine CT imaging. Based on the revolutionary direct signal-conversion of its QuantaMax detector, NAEOTOM Alpha offers high-resolution images at minimal dose, spectral information in every scan, and improved contrast at lower noise.

Joseph Schoepf Headshot Image V3

Watch as Joseph Schoepf, MD, Professor of Radiology, Medicine, and Pediatrics, and Nichole Pool, CT Technologist, discuss what photon-counting CT could mean for the future of imaging.

NAEOTOM Alpha Showroom 4x3 image

Clinical image galleries, technical specifications, key technologies – learn about our complete portfolio of CT scanners in this interactive virtual experience.

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