Symbia Intevo Excel
Affordable SPECT/CT Performance.

Symbia Intevo Excel
Symbia Intevo Excel
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Symbia Intevo™ Excel offers you the advantages of hybrid SPECT/CT imaging at an attractive level of investment. Incorporating high-performance CT with proven SPECT technology, Symbia Intevo Excel produces the precise anatomical localization and accurate attenuation correction needed to elevate your diagnostic accuracy. Adding to its clinical benefits are applications to reduce patient radiation exposure and time-saving features that bolster efficiency -- making this innovative system a perfect fit for your modern nuclear

Features & Benefits

Better results for better outcomes

Symbia Intevo Excel combines HD detectors, an innovative bed design, AUTOFORM collimator technology, advanced iterative reconstruction algorithms, and diagnostic-quality CT to give you access to the industry’s highest2 SPECT/CT image quality—helping enhance your clinical capabilities and grow your referral base.

Minimum dose, maximum speed

Symbia Intevo Excel offers innovative imaging features like Flash 3D and CARE Dose4D where low-dose imaging can be achieved in both SPECT and CT while still preserving greater image detail and high performance. 

With additional capabilities such as IQ•SPECT, you can also routinely perform cardiac exams with up to 75% improvement in lower injected dose or in as little as four minutes.2


Automated routine

Increasing patient demands and operation pressures are driving the need for efficiency. Productivity enhancements like Automatic Quality Control (AQC), which runs overnight to save up to an hour per day, and Automatic Collimator Changer (ACC) for one-click collimator exchange, are designed to boost your productivity.

Technical Specifications

Tunnel opening70 cm
Tunnel length89 cm
Generator power40 kW
Tube voltage80, 110, 130 kv
Crystal thickness3/8” or 5/8”
Detector dimension (FOV)53.3 x 38.7 cm
Energy range35-588 keV
System sensitivity (LEHR at 10 cm)202 cpm/μCi
Acquisition modesStatic, dynamic, gated, SPECT, gated SPECT, dynamic SPECT, whole-body, whole-body SPECT, SPECT/CT, xSPECT™


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1Patients up to 227 kg (500 lb)

2Based on competitive literature available at time of publication. Data on file.