A clear path forward.Discover the power of a revolutionary PET/CT portfolio.

The challenges you face today may not be the same in years to come. With that in mind, what’s the best way to strategically invest in a PET/CT scanner to transform care delivery?

Drive positive clinical and business outcomes with the Biograph family of PET/CT scanners. With premium functionality available across the entire portfolio, these systems can make finding, characterizing, and treating disease easier for staff and deliver outcomes that matter to patients. From next-generation PET/CT to premium technology with a low total cost of ownership, you can better understand disease progression now and have a path to expanded capabilities as you need them.

The Biograph Vision: Beyond digital with next-generation PET/CT

CHUV Brain Gallery

See a whole new world of precision, where three-minute whole-body PET/CT imaging and the industry’s fastest time-of-flight1,2 and highest effective sensitivity are possible. A major leap forward in PET/CT technology, the Biograph Vision™ helps to reduce scan time to improve patient throughput, decrease patient radiation exposure, and limit tracer cost. Its large 78-cm bore can reduce patient anxiety and make patient positioning easier, particularly for bariatric or radiotherapy cases. And, the system can fit into any room that houses a Biograph mCT system, without the need for costly renovations.


Learn more about how the cutting-edge technology of the Biograph Vision empowers clinical confidence in molecular imaging.

The Biograph mCT: Superb visualization with reproducible quantification

Gastric Cancer

Your staff can detect, characterize, and monitor lesions with high accuracy and reproducibility with the Biograph mCT™. Able to accommodate large patients, the system’s wide 78-cm bore can also support radiation therapy positioning devices to enable more precise treatment. In fact, its high-definition image quality, which supports fast imaging with minimum radiation dose, can help minimize breathing artifacts. The Biograph mCT can be easily integrated into your daily routine with one-click gating and fast, consistent image reconstruction.

View our clinical cases to see how the Biograph mCT enables standardization and personalization across clinical specialties.

The Biograph Horizon: Premium PET/CT with minimal investment

Biograph Horizon Oncology

A compact, molecular workhorse, the Biograph Horizon™ is one of the smallest PET/CT systems on the market and can fit into virtually any existing PET room. Supporting high departmental flexibility and clinical confidence, the system can be configured for radiation therapy planning, neurology, and cardiology procedures. And with its premium image quality, the Biograph Horizon can supplement existing CT services or be used as a back-up CT, maximizing room utilization.

Learn more about how high-quality imaging is possible for a wide variety of patients, including those with metal implants, thanks to the premium PET/CT technology available with Biograph Horizon.

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