Category III Code for Absolute Quantitation of Myocardial Blood Flow in PET

New Cardiac PET CPT Code

Myocardial Blood Flow with PET is an exciting new area of growth in molecular imaging. The potential of cardiac PET has prompted the creation of a new Category III CPT code for Absolute Quantitation of Myocardial Blood Flow. Category III code do not provide additional reimbursement but are used to collect data on emerging technologies. Why does this matter? The utilization of these codes can impact future levels of payment.


In order to spread awareness and help ensure proper utilization, ASNC has released a guide providing specific details on the new Category III code. You can access the guide via the link below.

Excellence in Cardiac PET at IHC

Take a look at Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a nonprofit system of 22 hospitals serving patients in Utah and southeastern Idaho. Recently, it successfully expanded its nuclear cardiac program to include cardiac PET.

Should you invest in cardiac PET? Here’s what you need to know.
Learn the strategies Intermountain Healthcare used to successfully expand its nuclear cardiac program to include cardiac PET. Watch here to learn more.

Clinical Impact

  • Providing information to cardiologists to help them potentially reduced unnecessary diagnostic cardiac catheterizations to focus on revascularization therapies.
  • Ability to do more percutaneous coronary interventions in the cath lab during the same time period.


Operational Impact

  • Ability to re-task the cardiac catheterization lab to focus on revascularization therapies for better efficiency.
  • Supporting cardiac PET volumes of 16-17 patients per day in a 10-hour period, which maintains a profitable service line.

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