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3 challenges in SPECT/CT that cannot be ignored

And what they mean for the future of your SPECT/CT service

Clinical applications for SPECT/CT continue to grow. Today, SPECT/CT exams can provide diagnostic and predictive information for oncology, cardiology, and neurology patients. 

Understanding the challenges of this rapidly evolving technology, and what they may mean for the future, could be essential to the success of your service. Providers of SPECT/CT exams currently face three significant pressures:

  1. Clinical advances in theranostics  
  2. Balancing dose with image optimization
  3. Technologist shortages & staffing challenges

These three pressures are raising the standard on SPECT/CT technology. To address them and maximize the effectiveness of your nuclear medicine service line, you’ll need to redefine your SPECT/CT performance standards to incorporate intelligent imaging. This could help your organization transform care delivery, advance therapy outcomes, and improve patient and staff experiences.

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