Achieving Low-Dose Leadership with the Stellar Detector
Canton-Potsdam Hospital

Led by the vision of its chief of the medical staff, radiologist G. Michael Maresca, MD, Canton-Potsdam Hospital is well-known in its region for being resolutely focused on patient safety. The first center in the St. Lawrence, New York, area to offer the Siemens SOMATOM® Definition AS 128-slice CT scanner with Stellar Detector, Canton-Potsdam is building a competitive advantage around low-dose imaging.


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A Significant Difference. A Powerful Differentiator.
Through its ability to deliver exceptional image quality at extremely low doses, the Stellar Detector is helping Canton-Potsdam expand its reputation for exceptional patient care, increase its referral business, and recruit top-notch physicians to its relatively remote segment of upstate New York. 

Greater Sensitivity at a Lower Dose.
Through its TrueSignal Technology, Stellar Detector minimizes electronic noise and cross talk in the detector. This produces sharper and clearer images despite a reduced dose.


Due to its full electronic integration, Stellar Detector also benefits from an extended dynamic range. This unique feature, called HiDynamics, eliminates the need to switch bandwidth the way conventional detectors require. It increases the sensitivity of the detector for visualizing finer structures, especially for low kV datasets.


“The technology makes for a much more sensitive detector,” says Dr. Maresca, “and that’s an extremely brilliant way of lowering the dose. It’s made a significant difference in a number of areas: cardiac and coronary cases, chest pain management, and the ability to scan the breast with upper dosing of the same region from the back [with X-CARE]—so that we get full penetration of the chest while sparing breast tissue.”


Click here to read and download the complete success story 0.3 MB