Approaches to Dose Reduction in Surgery

Approaches to Dose Reduction in Surgery
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In today’s clinical environment, surgery would be unimaginable without X-ray. Imaging from C-arms can offer guidance before, during, and after surgery. For example, a surgeon can check screw placement in a complicated fracture using 2D and even 3D images during an intervention. This helps to increase safety and accuracy and also prevents additional postoperative X-ray follow-up, which avoids additional medical radiation, thus reducing patient radiation dose and dose for clinical staff.

Every radiographic exam, however necessary it might be, still means exposure to medical radiation for the patient and staff. At Siemens, we work to combine excellent image quality with the lowest reasonable dose for all C-arm systems.

Cios Alpha is the first mobile C-arm to use Full View flat detector (FD) technology, which delivers outstandingly detailed and distortion-free images at a very low medical radiation dose. With Full View FD technology, you can have the maximum field of view all the time—for up to 25% more image coverage* even when rotated. You can achieve optimized dose reduction, regardless of patient size, thanks the Retina Imaging Chain with IDEAL dose reduction, which gives you excellent image quality and supports patient and personnel safety.


* Compared to today's conventional image intensifiers