Microsoft Windows
The syngo.via Application requires Microsoft® Windows®. If Customer acquires the syngo.via server from Siemens, that server will be preinstalled with Microsoft® Windows® operating system software, and Customer agrees to the applicable Microsoft Windows® license terms, a copy of which will be provided to Customer at Hardware Delivery. Customer authorizes Siemens (acting directly or through its suppliers) to confirm such agreement on behalf of Customer, for instance by accepting such terms under any applicable shrink-wrap, on-screen or similar license or other agreement.

Additional Terms:

Definition of Hardware. When used in connection with syngo.via, the definition of “Hardware” means, collectively, the syngo.via server and those other items specified as Hardware in any Quote or other attachment and in each TRS, as may be updated from time to time.

TRS. Notwithstanding Subsection 7.1 within the Technology Section of Customer’s Agreement, in the case of the syngo.via Application, Siemens need not develop a TRS. If no TRS is included for the syngo.via Application, then the Technology requirements for operating that Application are covered by the syngo.via server, and in that case any references to a Technology Requirements Specification or TRS for that Application shall be deemed to be references to the requirement that the syngo.via Application be operated on the syngo.via server as delivered by Siemens.

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