Head/Neck 64

Head/Neck 641 for ultra-fast, high SNR, head and neck imaging.

  • Anthropomorphic geometry for maximum SNR and full Head/Neck coverage
  • Extreme iPAT2 performance for ultra-fast 3D imaging with minimal SNR loss
  • Maximum patient comfort and optimal accessibility (fMRI visual stimulation, eye tracking etc.)
  • A rear port for EEG cables to facilitate simultaneous EEG/MR imaging for up to 128 electrodes
  • A single connector thanks to DirectConnect and Dual-Density Signal Transfer technology
  • Can be used in combination with spine and body coils for large FoV imaging

Features & Benefits


  • 64 element design with 64 integrated pre-amplifiers
  • Upper coil part removable, designed with 24 elements
  • Lower coil part usable without upper part, designed with 40 elements
  • Dual-Density Signal Transfer technology with key RF components integrated directly into the coil
  • Cable-less lower part with DirectConnect® technology
  • Single SlideConnect® connector on upper part
  • Lower coil part may stay on the patient table for most examinations
  • Cushioned head stabilizers (removable)
  • No coil tuning required
  • Detachable double mirror provided


  • High-resolution, ultra-fast, large FoV, anatomical and functional head and neck examinations
  • MR Angiography of the head and neck

Typically combined with

  • Body 18
  • Spine 32
  • All Tim coils for whole-body examinations

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 435 mm × 395 mm × 350 mm

Clinical Use

"The 64-Channel Head/Neck coil allows us to get better signals from the cortex and also cover the cerebellum and the neck very well. That allows exploring new research fields which are difficult to do with other coils."1

Prof. Rainer Goebel
MAGNETOM Prismafit user,

Professor, Maastricht University & Scientific Director,
Scannexus, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Large FoV, ultra-fast, head and neck imaging with high iPAT factors

Large FoV, ultra-fast, head and neck imaging with high iPAT factors

High-resolution C-spine imaging

High-resolution C-spine imaging

High-resolution head and neck ToF Angiography

High-resolution head and neck ToF Angiography

High-resolution whole-brain DTI Tractography

High-resolution whole-brain DTI Tractography

High-resolution C-spine Tractography with syngo RESOLVE

High-resolution C-spine Tractography with syngo RESOLVE

General Requirements

  • MAGNETOM Prisma
  • MAGNETOM Skyra

syngo MR D13A
syngo MR D13D

64-Channel configuration

Scanner upgrade may be necessary
Also available for MAGNETOM Prismafit


Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.

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