Magnetic Resonance ToolkitResources to support your marketing efforts

To support you in promoting your new MRI, communicating with patients and/or attracting new referring physicians, we have created these MRI Marketing Toolkits. We believe they will help your institution promote the capabilities and advantages available with your new or existing MRI scanner.

With these toolkits, you will have the ability to create your own marketing materials – while using the most current, regulatory-cleared images and language. The PDF below will give you an overview of the different pieces available and some key tips. They are available in three different formats.

  • Word files provide the text that you can or insert into existing templates or platforms.
  • PDF files provide the ability edit the pieces with basic editing software to make simple adjustments such as adding your logo and details.
  • InDesign files with full editing capabilities are available for a selection of systems. 
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