ADVIA Centaur Systems CsA

The Mainstream Solution for Cyclosporine Testing

Many cyclosporine (CsA) methods require excessive time and resources in order to report results – two things that most laboratories don’t have to spare. Running CsA on the ADVIA Centaur® immunoassay systems allows you to mainstream testing into your routine workflow without the need for extensive manual processing or specialized personnel.


  • "Vortex and go" sample preparation – no centrifuge necessary
  • One-tube processing
  • Limited cross-reactivity to CsA metabolites – highly specific to the CsA parent compound
  • One assay that accommodates C0 and the majority of C2 testing
  • Results in available in as little as 18 minutes



  • Simple sample preparation provides greater workflow efficiency
  • Perform CsA testing any time, day or night – no batch testing necessary
  • Integrate testing onto a random access immunoassay analyzer with 65+ assays available*

Assay Specifications

  ADVIA Centaur®/ADVIA Centaur® XP Systems ADVIA Centaur® CP System
Product Code 04564446 04564446
Sample Type EDTA Whole Blood EDTA Whole Blood
Pretreatment “Vortex and go” – no centrifugation “Vortex and go” – no centrifugation
Reportable Range 30-1500 ng/mL 30-1500 ng/mL
Calibration Stability 28 days 14 days
Onboard Stability 42 days 42 days

Enduring Expertise for Your Immunosuppressant Drug Testing Needs.

With recognized drug testing expertise, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offers a comprehensive and expanding menu of tests across multiple instrument solutions to meet the immunosuppressant drug (ISD) testing needs of customers in any setting.

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