Regional Allergy Map

The presence of airborne pollen is mainly dictated by the plants that thrive in a given geographic area. As the climate and terrain vary widely throughout the U.S., so does the botanical profile of each region. The U.S. map below has been divided into 20 zones, each of which has a corresponding list of trees, weeds, and grasses that are common to the region. Click on the region of interest to see what allergens are common in that area. It is recommended that patients be tested with the inhalant profile that corresponds to the zone in which they reside.

The regional profiles extend the base panel of common year-round allergens with additional inhalant allergens of regional relevance. Consider adding the region of interest to the common allergen profile for the most comprehensive testing.

IMMULITE Allergy Whitepaper cover

For more information about prevalence of allergies in the United States across different regions, download our new regional allergy brochure.  This comprehensive resource provides fundamental information about the diagnosis, screening, and treatment of allergies, along with:

  • National allergy profiles
  • Regional allergen map
  • Regional profiles
  • U.S. seasonal pollen calendar
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