Planning to Automate Your Lab?Download lab automation tools to support your decision-making process

Five Powerful Principles for Lab Automation Success

A perfect storm of continuing budget pressure, expanding test volumes, and a shortage of qualified laboratory personnel is driving the migration of laboratory processes to automation. Consider these five principles when choosing an automation solution.

Laboratory Automation Checklist

Improving turnaround time, reducing errors, improving quality, and meeting future growth needs are important objectives for lab automation decision makers. Review this Laboratory Automation Checklist to help with the process.

Laboratory Automation Selection Process

Automating your lab is a detailed process. From track configurations to middleware, workflow analysis, and training, there are many areas to consider. This infographic provides a high-level view of the steps for selecting a laboratory automation solution that you can use in discussions with your staff and colleagues.

Best Practices for Implementing Laboratory Automation

Learn from experts about the best practices for leading a successful automation implementation. Download the CentraBytes white paper Execution Excellence: Best Practices for Implementing Laboratory Automation.

Infographic: Lab Automation—Preparing for Change

Change management is critical for successful lab automation implementations. Consider the steps in this infographic when preparing for the changes associated with lab automation.

Essential Elements of Best-in-Class Lab Automation

In this 8-minute video, we’ve outlined the key solution features to consider when preparing to automate your lab for the first time or during an evaluation to upgrade the system you have in place.

White Paper: Analyzing Your Operations—What Can a Workflow Consultant Do for Your Lab?

Learn the financial, clinical, and operational importance of improving laboratory efficiency and how a workflow consultant can help you choose the right solutions for your lab.

Automation—Integrating Data Management and Workflows:

Watch as Sharon Etzman, U.S. Business Manager, Diagnostics IT, at Siemens Healthineers demonstrates how laboratories can significantly improve workflow and quality by integrating data management and automation.

Atellica Process Manager (PM)

Atellica® PM is a process management tool that will simplify how you manage laboratory operations. Now you can manage alerts, remotely control instruments2, and monitor testing progress and onboard inventory—all from one screen.

Atellica Process Manager:

Download the brochure to learn how this process management tool helps simplify management of lab operations.

Excela Health Saves Time, Costs with Atellica Inventory Manager

Learn how Excela Health automated its lab inventory processes with Atellica Inventory Manager.

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