Mike Modic on Expanding Precision Medicine: Manufacturing, Retail and Digitalization in Healthcare

Mike Modic, MD, Senior Vice President Population Health at Vanderbilt University, explains how healthcare can benefit from adapting manufacturing and retail concepts and developing an electronic medical record that portrays the patient holistically.

Mike Modic, MD, argues for an interdisciplinary approach in healthcare, applying manufacturing, retail processes and concepts to effectively reduce unwarranted variation in care delivery.

“It is time to step back and say ‘we gonna fix it’. But we are not going to do it by fixing this little piece and that little piece. We are only going to do it right, if we fundamentally look at how we are going to approach populations, and patients and people and bring together all the advances that we have across all these other industries and domains. This would mean to effectively take healthcare into this particular millenium.” – Mike Modic

  • Assuming that today’s healthcare system is irreparably broken, changing and improving the existing system might not bring the expected solution. A new start would therefore be more effective.
  • This new start for the healthcare system could be achieved by combining and adapting approaches from different industries, such as manufacturing and retail.
  • The cause of the current situation in healthcare is that the state of electronic medical records worldwide, which, in turn is the product of various, disconnected data systems. Putting together fragmented digital sources can create a more cohesive picture of the patient thus making it possible to deliver care in a much more effective way.
  • The overall goal should be to achieve vastly improved care for the population in a modern, interdisciplinary, and effective way.


Mike Modic invited as a speaker to the Executive Summit 2018

Mike Modic, MD, Senior Vice President Population Health at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, a private research university and one of the nation's top-ranked graduate schools.