Melissa Hathaway on Digitalizing Healthcare

Melissa Hathaway describes the risks of digital transformation in healthcare and how to manage them effectively.

Melissa Hathaway argues for a new mindset regarding digital transformation in healthcare, which puts governance of risk first and fielding second.

“When you embrace this digitalization and transforming your business to the 21st century in the digital age, you have to actually think about it with safety first, and security and resilience at its core.” – Melissa Hathaway

  • Digital transformation also introduces new threats to the healthcare business, systems, and, above all, datasets.
  • To embrace digital transformation, new governance mechanisms have to be introduced.
  • The issue of “governance of risk” is very important in digital transformation.
  • We should not only embrace digital transformation, but also calculate its risks.
  • Technology problems should not be perceived as IT problems, but rather as business problems.


Melissa Hathaway invited as a speaker to the Executive Summit

Melissa Hathaway is President of Hathaway Global Strategies LCC, leading expert in cyberspace policy and cybersecurity, and served under two previous U.S. presidential administrations as an advisor to national governmental organizations.