‘Do no harm’ to the planet

'Do no harm' to the planet

Making healthcare more environmentally sustainable
Insights series - issue 45

Article author: Joanne Grau | Reading time: 4 minutes

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The healthcare sector is facing a paradox as a result of the climate crisis. Healthcare is a significant contributor of carbon emissions that threatens our health. How can we continue to provide people around the world with high-quality healthcare, without at the same time contributing to a problem that damages their health? This paper identifies concrete actions that can be taken to make hospitals more environmentally sustainable, reducing activities that generate significant emissions and making their operations cleaner and more energy-efficient.

Key takeaways from the paper

  • Reduce direct healthcare emissions by:
    • Reducing energy consumption 
    • Switching to renewable energy 
    • Transitioning to electrification 
    • Procuring clean energy 
    • Addressing gaps through carbon credits
  • Reduce indirect healthcare emissions by:
    • Upgrading to more energy-efficient medical equipment
    • Producing and using medicines and chemicals responsibly
    • Fostering a circular economy and reducing waste
    • Reducing travel and transport

Healthcare generates significant carbon emissions.
How high is healthcare's contribution to global net emissions?

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This paper would not have been possible without the extensive expertise and insights from our colleagues. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Klinger, Stacy Mahler, Ayana Nathan, Jerry Folsom, Steven Wagman, Elke Schneider, and Katharina Nowak-Strohmeier.

We are grateful for your contribution.

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