Onsite Training

[**] Onsite Training

The technologist will learn the complete operation of the Radiation Oncology system in order to fully operate and provide clinical delivery of radiation therapy and all associated data management tasks. In addition the training includes workflow modification for site-specific requirements and System Quality Performance management.


Preparation for Onsite Clinical Education Training:

  • Select core group of technologists (maximum 4) to attend the entire onsite training session
  • Criteria for selecting personnel for training:

        - System background and understanding of treatment and associated radiation therapy procedures and techniques
        - Eagerness to learn and accept challenges

  • Teaching skills to effectively train the remaining staff
  • Technologists scheduled for training must be removed from all responsibilities such as phone calls, scheduling of patients, and coverage for other department areas
  • Education training should commence during standard business hours. Any personnel from the 2nd or 3rd shift that are to be trained should be brought in at this time
  • Participating staff is encouraged to complete all of the prerequisite training and review materials sent with the equipment
  • Review documentation contained in Welcome/S.T.A.R.T. package
  • All equipment must be installed and functioning

Target Audience:
Radiation Therapists

4 to 16 CEUs based on system type and options purchased

Contact for more information:
888-221-8010 / choose option 2 (onsite training), then option 5