Nuts & Bolts of Drug Testing

Nuts & Bolts of Drug Testing: Understanding the key components of drug testing to enable better outcomes today and in the future

Advancing Healthcare Webinar Series

Dr. Steven A. Noel, Ph.D.
Senior Clinical Consultant, Siemens Healthineers


In this webinar, Dr. Noel explains the essentials of drug testing including an introduction to drugs-of-abuse testing, confirmation testing, chain of custody and the value of specimen validity testing.

Speaking on these findings, Dr. Steven A. Noel, Ph.D. senior clinical consultant at Siemens Healthineers, will help you:

  • Understand the drugs of abuse testing process and the difference between screening and confirmation testing
  • Learn about Specimen validity testing, why it’s used and how specimen validity testing can help improve your drug testing program
  • Describe the Essentials of drug testing & interpretation of test results

Dr. Steven A. Noel
Senior Clinical Consultant, Siemens Healthineers

Dr. Noel is a board-certified Clinical Chemist, receiving his doctorate from the Ohio State University. He has served in different capacities in laboratory medicine throughout his 40-year career. As a Clinical Chemist, Dr. Noel served as Technical Director in hospital and commercial laboratories. In addition, his career has led him to dual roles as Technical and Operations Director, and he recently served as the VP of Operations at a national toxicology laboratory. Dr. Noel has published on clinical laboratory assay topics in reproductive endocrinology, cholesterol metabolism and other disease states involving immunoassay testing.

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