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Improving Lab processes: The impact of patient moving average of daily operations  

Advancing Healthcare Webinar Series

Eric Vasbinder, MT
Chief Medical Technologist MT (ASCP)
University of Michigan


In this webinar, the speaker will discuss how Patient moving average (PMA) is valuable adjunct to the overall Quality control process within the core diagnostic laboratory. The speaker also discussed how PMA allows for tighter control of assay performance, faster and better response to Quality Control issues and cost savings on Quality Control material. It also saves technologist time and avoids additional testing, aiding in overall efficiency of laboratory operations.

Speaking on these findings, Eric Vasbinder, Chief Medical Technologist MT (ASCP), will help you:

  • Demystify Patient Moving Averages - What are they really and why should you be using them now
  • Learn how to evaluate which assays or ranges would work best for your patient population
  • Proactively manage your tests and identify issues early with no added costs
  • Reduce reaction time and minimize reagent waste when result or process questions arise

Eric Vasbinder, MT
Chief Medical Technologist MT (ASCP)
University of Michigan

A Chief technologist for the Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Toxicology, and Immunology sections of the core laboratory at the University of Michigan Medical Center. 32 years of experience in clinical diagnostics with a focus on Lab Automation and assay development. BS degree in Medical Technology from Michigan Technological University.

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