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What's the real impact of your operational and data silos?Customer case study: WakeMed talks candidly about challenges and what it took to overcome them

If you're like WakeMed, your organization may be facing inefficiencies that are costly to your goals and, ultimately, to patient experiences. But how do you know the real impact they're having on your organization?

WakeMed offers some guidance in this case study
Leaders at WakeMed detail the clinical, financial, and operational challenges that were impeding higher levels of efficiency and standardization including multiple service contracts, numerous education programs, and data inefficiencies.

Could these digital & automation solutions work for you?
In addition to their challenges, WakeMed talks about how they leveraged syngo.via and AI-Rad Companion to achieve several objectives, including a 40% reduction in advanced visualization costs. 

Download the case study to find out the total impact of automation and standardization at WakeMed and how they achieved it.

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