Get two steps ahead with Dual Source CT

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Get two steps ahead with Dual Source CT
SOMATOM Force Dual Source CT scanner

Whether boosting clinical excellence, workflow performance or expert leadership: SOMATOM Force offers the latest technologies available so you get two steps ahead in CT imaging.

Enhance precision and personalize care - with our FAST 3D Camera
FAST 3D Camera

Introducing the first FAST Integrated Workflow with our FAST 3D Camera for standardized and isocentric patient positioning, correct body region recognition, and correct scan direction setup.

Enhance patient satisfaction with a patient-centric diagnostic workflow
Smart Touch Panels

Technologists can stay in control and with their patients: Improve patient interaction with the two front-side and two optional back-side Touch Panels.

FAST Integrated Workflow

Find out how you can safeguard correct and consistent patient positioning with our FAST Integrated Workflow.


How to perform a dynamic myocardial perfusion?

Get two steps ahead in clinical excellence, workflow performance, and expert leadership. Our Dual Source CT scanner SOMATOM Force enables new levels of image quality, clinical outcomes, and ultimately precision medicine. Intelligent automation supports safe, standardized, and highly performant workflows – allowing reproducible precision. Thinking beyond today, you’re connected to the future with an ever-growing expert community and exclusive access to our advanced research environment.

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