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How users are exploring untapped potential in Dual Source CT

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Lee Health Pediatric 4:3

What if you could provide imaging for pediatric patients closer to home, while decreasing the need for radiation and sedation – improving the overall patient experience for those patients and their families?

In this video, Dr. Heidi Lewis, Director of Pediatric Radiology, and Dr. Eric Eason, Chief of Pediatric Cardiology, both at Golisano Children’s Hospital (part of Lee Health, in Fort Myers, FL), share how the SOMATOM Force Dual Source CT scanner is helping them improve pediatric imaging by providing very small vessel imaging for coronary anomalies, arches, and pulmonary vein anomalies for congenital patients.

Lee Health Cardiac 4:3

At HealthPark Medical Center and Golisano Children’s Hospital – part of Lee Health in Fort Myers, FL – the SOMATOM Force Dual Source CT scanner is a crucial piece of their robust cardiovascular imaging program.

In this video, Dr. Juan Lopez-Mattei, Medical Director of Cardiovascular Imaging, and Dr. Jeffrey Sonn, Radiologist, share how the speed, image quality, and ease of use of the SOMATOM Force have helped them to meet the needs of their patient population while also improving staff satisfaction.

cCTA on a patient with a BMI of 66.2

Image courtesy of Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

A 50-year-old female with a BMI of 66.2 complained of chest pain upon exertion when walking up one flight of stairs. A coronary computed tomography angiography (cCTA) exam was completed to evaluate vascularity and myocardial structure with an accompanying calcium score.

A retrospective spiral scan mode and 0.25 second rotation speed on the SOMATOM Force Dual Source CT scanner was used.

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