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Pediatric - Radiography

Exceeding the demands of pediatric radiography

X-ray was built as a first line of care in pediatrics. More than any age group, active children are likely to put a strain on your radiography room. Meet the unique demand with imaging solutions from Siemens Healthineers.

Basic X-ray can be no match for young patients who are often scared and in discomfort. Each product in our broad suite of X-ray solutions was built to help you meet the challenge.


Multix Impact with Child

Long X-ray exams can stress children and their families.

Many times, children who need an X-ray are in pain. They’re scared. And imaging equipment can be imposing. The faster you can deliver quality images, the sooner you can put the child at ease.

With fast exposures times and enhanced image processing, Our YSIO and MULTIX family of products all reduce motion artifacts and guarantee image quality with advanced processing algorithms. It gives you a better chance to get it right the first time and avoid longer exams.


Elara Max- Child with stuffed animal

Still developing organs are more dose sensitive.

The pressure is on for pediatric imaging departments to deliver precise exams while protecting young organs from unnecessary dose.

Each of our radiography solutions includes a dedicated Pediatric Organ Program that let you choose from a multitude of pediatric dose settings and image quality parameters that fit the needs of young patients of varying age and size.


Comfort Health Solutions

Children and parents are often anxious.

Anything you can do to distract children during their imaging exam can help ease anxiety and support a better experience. We built patient comfort right into our radiography systems.

It starts with our mobile X-ray unit, the MOBILETT Elara Max. The exclusive giraffe design provides the distraction you and your staff are looking for when imaging a frightened and fidgeting child.

The atmosphere of the exam room can also impact a child’s stress level. Improve the patient experience by creating a customized room environment with our partner, Comfort Health Solutions (CHS). CHS provides stimulating patient environments and engaging content that contributes to creating a positive, nurturing atmosphere for the patient.


Multix impact pediatric

A faster exam when you need it most

Pediatric exams can take longer. It's common for staff to be called on to calm the fears of young patients, adding stress and time to the exam. Solutions that streamline the exam (without sacrificing image quality) can support better outcomes.

Our automated positioning technology is an option on our Ysio and Multix family products. You can program patient positioning with the touch of a button. It’s the fast way to reach a desired position, and a simple way to shorten the exam time for a better patient experience.

Also featured is a patient positioning camera that lets technologists keep an eye on the patient instead of the equipment, to make sure they get the right image the first time.

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