Pediatric - Imaging IT

With trendsetting end-to-end imaging workflow solutions that are role-based, context-sensitive, and knowledge-driven, we know that access to the right information, when and where you need it, is critical to a child's best health. We help you integrate your medical equipment and healthcare IT in ways that optimize patient care and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff.

You can handle multimodality images through MPR, MIP, and 3D to visualize, with high detail and accuracy, the complicated anatomy and frequent anatomical variations found in the full age range of your pediatric patients with syngo Advanced Visualization and syngo.plaza PACS. Or, drive a paperless radiological workflow with syngo Workflow RIS. For help performing basic and advanced measurements and calculations specific to your young patients, syngo Dynamics offers pediatric reporting templates to facilitate the evidence-based description of complex congenital pathology, surgeries, and interventional procedures, including cath and echo.

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