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Interventional radiology is rapidly progressing, driven by demographic shift and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. From standard interventional procedures to the most challenging endovascular and percutaneous interventions, our interventional radiology equipment supports you in your daily routine.

Of course, we are constantly innovating and improving our solutions – whether routine 2D angiographic imaging or novel planning and guidance software. Cone-beam CT imaging as well as integrated external data sets become state of the art: the syngo Fusion package easily incorporates image data from other modalities, while Nexaris therapy suites directly combine modalities such as angiography and CT in one interventional environment for seamless interaction and instant data exchange. Find out how we keep you at the forefront of interventional radiology!

Clinical specialties

Supporting you, whatever your specialty in interventional radiology

From neuro interventions and minimally invasive treatment of benign and malignant tumors to peripheral and vascular interventions: Find out how our imaging and workflow solutions support you in your interventional radiology cases.

Products and solutions

Imaging solutions tailored to your clinical needs

Fixed C-arms, multi-modality solutions, endovascular robotics: Our Artis family covers all clinical needs and supports you in performing image-guided therapies in interventional radiology – whether complex or routine. Find the system that best meets your needs!

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Fixed C-arms

Explore our broad portfolio of floor- and ceiling-mounted as well as biplane and unique robotic C-arm angiography systems.

Multi-modality interventional radiology equipment

Multi-modality solutions

Discover our seamless combinations of angio, CT, MRI, and wireless ultrasound solutions.

Additional offering

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