Nemoto Press Duo

Press DuoThe dual-head injector for angiography

Meet Press Duo, the world's first dual head contrast injector for angiography. The unique two-head injector provides two equal injecting systems for both contrast and saline for the control, efficiency and safety you’ve been looking for in angiographic procedures.

  • Greater workflow efficiency with a single control console that has multiple contrast dilutions.
  • Better control of contrast dilution rates.
  • Enhanced patient safety through the elimination of air from both syringe and tubing.

Features & Benefits

Press duo

Console with touchscreen operation. Color changes based on mode of operation.

Duo Press Elite features a single control console with multiple contrast dilutions. Now, you can freely use the console to set flow, volume, pressure, and dilution for both syringes. It’s more efficient because it eliminates the premixing and setup procedures that would take time away from your patients.

The contrast and saline mix can be enhanced thanks to the newly developed mixing tube – for greater image detail and accuracy.

Press Duo
The GUI includes all necessary data on one screen image.

Our unique design gives you complete control of contrast dilution rates, so angiography and CT-like procedures are possible.

The console GUI is built to show the protocol quickly and easily. Intuitive operational keys make it easy operate the system, with shapes and functions that are thoughtfully linked and easily selected by either sight or touch.

The shape of the manual knobs on the Powerhead allows for large movements and fine movements alike, giving you greater control of your line purging.

Press Duo

Organic EL display shows syringe remaining volume.

One of your greatest challenges is the risk of air embolisms when injecting contrast in angiographic procedures. Take worry out of the exam with Simplified Auto Prime. It’s a one-touch purge feature that eliminates difficulties in eliminating air from both the syringe and the tubing.

You’ll have complete control of the iodine content, so excessive quantities won’t be injected into the patient. And vision-friendly colors and sizes on the GUI add an element of safety for technologists and patients alike.

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