Diagram showing how data is used for clinical decision making

Protis IT Software SolutionDigitalizing interpretation of protein testing results

PROTIS® clinical decision support software1 automatically consolidates test results based primarily on plasma protein determinations and obtained from a variety of Siemens Healthineers platforms into one, easy-to-understand report for an individual patient.

Diagram demonstrating how Proits IT Software consolidates results from multiple diagnostic analyzers

In addition to its diagnostic decision support features, the PROTIS IT Software1 Solution helps consolidate results released from a wide range of diagnostic analyzers from Siemens Healthineers and other sources. 

PROTIS IT Software1 Assessment Kits employ standardized rules established by experts to assist with result interpretation and improve the quality of physicians’ diagnoses.

  • Integrates results from different platforms into one report.
  • Presents data in an easy-to-follow graphical format.
  • Provides a fast, consolidated overview of results for an individual patient.
  • Supports a broad range of assessment kits: cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) testing, kidney disease, and malnutrition in hospitalized patients.
  • Simplifies organization of test data, saving time.
The Protis IT solution is based on aurelio/lab, a powerful and flexible laboratory middleware solution providing extensive connectivity, data management and workflow support features for making lab processes more efficient. It is designed to work seamlessly with assessment kits.

Features & Benefits

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Clinical Use

PROTIS Software Assessment Kits1 help clinicians and laboratory personnel build expertise in interpreting patient results. The diagnostic decision support software modules provide all the relevant information required for accurate results interpretation, and they use standardized rules established by experts to automatically evaluate and interpret results.