BN II System

BN II System

Built on proven nephelometric experience. Designed for the future.

The BN™ II System is a fully automated nephelometric analyzer that offers a broad range of protein assays. With assays available across multiple sample types, you can conveniently assess numerous disease states such as gammopathies, kidney diseases, neurology, and chronic alcohol abuse—on just one system.

  • Designed for mid- to high-volume plasma protein throughput
  • Broad menu from one source; more than 70 assay protocols available for determination of various sample types
  • Up to 100 samples onboard
  • Antigen-excess security for confidence in results
  • Connectivity options to Aptio® Automation and FlexLab Automation solutions
  • Assistance with clinical interpretation through our innovative range of assessment programs available for Protis® IT Solution1

New Software Features

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Features & Benefits

Transforming care delivery through optimized clinical operations

The BN™ II System provides flexible options to meet the needs of the mid- to high-volume plasma protein lab.

freed-up time

BN II System allows you to save up to 36% operator hands-on time in specialty protein testing.


More than 70 programmed assay protocols (varies by country).


High, 100-sample onboard capacity and continuous loading for uninterrupted workflow.


Maximum throughput up to 225 tests per hour (average 130 tests per hour).

Learn more about the BN™ II System, a high-volume nephelometric specialty protein analyzer for protein determination in the clinical management of a variety of disease states, such as gammopathies, kidney diseases, neurology, and chronic alcohol abuse.

BN II System

    As the first dedicated protein analyzer that can be connected to lab automation, the BN™ II System provides flexible options to meet the needs of the mid- to high-volume plasma protein lab. It uses nephelometric technology for protein determination and supports the clinical management of a variety of disease states, such as gammopathies, kidney diseases, neurology, and chronic alcohol abuse.

    Enhance clinical support capabilities with a growing and innovative assay menu.

    • Features the industry’s largest nephelometric menu of more than 70 plasma protein assays.
    • Consolidates specialty and routine parameters on one system, supporting comprehensive disease state management and reducing send-outs.
    • Flexible testing options enable testing on serum, urine, plasma, and CSF.

    Streamline lab workflows with high throughput, flexible configuration, and less hands-on time.

    • Load up to 100 samples to reduce hands-on time.
    • Connects to Aptio Automation to increase walkaway time.
    • Quick sample release allows additional testing without delays.
    • Provides average effective throughput of approximately 130 tests/hour.
    • Continuous loading of samples and reagents at any time supports improved testing workflow and less downtime.

    Operate confidently with intuitive, state-of-the-art software.

    • State-of-the-art software and user management provide a high level of data privacy.
    • Software includes a state-of-the-art, comprehensive audit trail that complies with FDA CFR part 11.
    • Comprehensive software traceability features include tracking of assays and consumables.
    • Seamlessly integrates into the laboratory’s IT ecosystem, with connectivity to Atellica® Data Manager and Atellica Process Manager.
    • Provides optional clinical decision support using the PROTIS® IT Software Solution.

    Test with high precision using sensitive, nephelometric technology.

    • Proven nephelometric technology offers high precision and reproducibility.
    • Sophisticated antigen-excess pre-reaction protocols provide more-accurate results and fewer repeats.
    • Wide initial measuring ranges reduce the need for retesting.
    • System detects specimen and reagent levels prior to processing to ensure accuracy of results.
    • Serial dilution technology supports reliable results and helps to keep the dilution factor low.

    Rely on a proven system that is established in the market and built for the future.

    • The BN II System has an excellent service track record, with an average of 2–3 service visits per year.
    • Siemens Healthineers has extensive, long-term experience and expertise as an instrument service provider. You can be confident in our support for your lab’s operations.
    • Our continuous launches of innovative tests and advances in laboratory automation demonstrate our commitment to providing meaningful new solutions for your current and future plasma protein testing needs.


    Plasma protein assay bottles

    With assays available for serum, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid, you can conveniently assess numerous disease states on just one system. 

    The BN II System menu includes more than 70 assays, including therapeutic drug monitoring, cardiac risk assessment, kidney diseases, neurological disorders, nutritional assessment, and iron and anemia assessment.

    Get a complete disease-state picture

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    Technical Specifications

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