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Helping you to get the most out of your Hybrid OR by taking care 
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Today, the service experience goes above and beyond pure maintenance. Service can make the difference to your daily operations and help you evolve. When operating a Hybrid OR, it’s availability is important. Not only for the care it delivers to patients, but also to maximize return on investment. 

For Hybrid OR users, we offer 24-hour monitoring1 aimed at reducing unplanned interruptions to your care delivery service. Our AI-powered Guardian Program remotely monitors the key components of your imaging system to detect deviations in real time. Since 98% of spare parts in stock2 are delivered in less than 24 hours in our key markets, if a deviation requires action, our service team can be onsite the next working day3, helping to prevent larger disruptions from happening.

With our services, we are by your side whenever you need us. Always on. Always in touch.

ARTIS pheno connected with AI-powered Guardian program

AI-powered remote monitoring

Woman talking to regional customer service center

24 h coverage through our regional hubs around the globe

Two man waiting for spare parts delivery truck in background

98 % of spare parts in < 24 hours

Teamplay Fleet Screen

teamplay Fleet is a teamplay digital health platform solution that enables you to streamline the management of your fleet from Siemens Healthineers and to optimize your asset performance holistically, 24/7, and from any browser capable device.