Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships Portfolio Modules - Digital Platforms

Digital Innovation

Leverage data, connected medical technology, and artificial intelligence through Value Partnerships.

Our Digital Innovation Excellence Driver includes two core solutions: 
  • Digital Service Line Optimization –  Automate and optimize service lines for improved clinical and operational outcomes.
  • Digital Enterprise Advancement – Unlock new heights of data-enabled actionable insights, performance, and efficiency.

What your peers have achieved

Together, we re­imagine your healthcare organization and build tech-­enabled services for core departments. 

Value Partnerships - CHRISTUS Health, Irving, Texas, USA

Large-scale optimization of a cancer care network

“This partnership offers our patients access to more advanced technology and the clinical benefits from centralized management of our oncology network.”

Dr. David Benner, Chief Ancillary Officer, CHRISTUS Health, Irving, USA

Value Partnerships - Stroke International Services (SIS), Vietnam

Advancing stroke treatment in Southeast Asia

“I am pleased to announce this new Value Partnership with Siemens Healthineers to extend our existing network throughout Vietnam. Through this partnership, SIS is aiming to become the leading stroke care group in Southeast Asia.”

Dr. Tran Chi Cuong, Director of Stroke International Services (SIS), Can Tho, Vietnam

HDZ NRW: Gemeinsame Entwicklung des innovativen telemedizinischen Programms HerzConnect®

Innovative telehealth program for heart failure patients

"We looked for a strong and trusted partner capable of realizing the technical needs associated with our current and future goals focused on improving the health of heart failure patients through remote care management."

Dr. Katrin Overlack, CEO of Heart and Diabetes Center North Rhine-Westphalia (HDZ NRW), Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS)

RealTime Location Solutions help drive clinical and operational performance improvement in the long run, while reducing costs.

RealTime Location Solutions1 utilize ready-to-deploy or individually customized digital technology solutions to automatically identify and track the location of assets, patients1 or staff1 in real time.

RealTime Location Solutions improve clinical and operational outcomes through real-time visualization and optimization of your performance.

RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS) improve clinical and operational outcomes

These digital RealTime Location Solutions enable you to manage data as strategic assets and optimize operations:

  • Less searching – more patient time
  • Faster feedback – higher patient satisfaction
  • More efficiency – less operationalal costs 

Performance Transformation

With Performance Assessment and Improvement, you’ll have a long-term partner and a solution that will drive IT-enabled, cost-effective transformation in your radiology department with full visibility of your operations. The Performance Improvement offering capability module is a suite of consultancy services specifically for imaging departments. It puts Lean principles to work and focuses especially on developing systems for ongoing improvement.
teamplay insights iPad

One key monitoring component (teamplay Insights2) helps you manage improvement progress and operational performance.

Performance Improvement
Another key component is a series of Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs). RIEs are multiple-day workshops that leverage the knowledge and experience of all staff – managers, administrators, radiographers, radiologists and supporting staff. They accelerate the culture change required for effective Lean transformation. 

We enable you to obtain:

  • higher enterprise-wide operational efficiency of processes
  • faster and more coordinated patient workflows across the hospital
  • the right resources (staff, technology, space and inventory) for the right patient at the right place and time
  • intelligent staff and patient communication to minimize wait times for expensive resources
  • improved patient satisfaction with personalized care management

Insights and outcomes

Let's unlock new value - together

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