Syngo Carbon

Syngo Carbon

The connecting element that gives rise to knowledge

Syngo Carbon the connecting element

Syngo Carbon1 is the new enterprise imaging and reporting solution, designed to improve patient care. Syngo Carbon opens a new level of possibilities in image interpretation, reporting, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and data management. Syngo Carbon provides extensive tooling and open data models across modalities in one integrated and user-friendly workspace.

Over the years, IT systems have become scattered, and silos of data and expertise have emerged that are difficult and expensive to connect and secure. 

Syngo Carbon helps you manage data around patients, not departments. In typical clinical pathways, patients have several touch points with different clinical departments. To make the correct diagnosis and therapy decision, it is essential that patient-data remains open and always accessible from one spot. 

That’s what Syngo Carbon provides: one place where data can be turned into knowledge to drive better patient outcomes.

Syngo Carbon - Open Access to the future
Syngo Carbon is designed for all scenarios from a single workstation to an enterprise-wide implementation. You can start with a departmental setup and scale at a later stage or even go beyond your enterprise borders. The universal data management enables you to provide patient-centric care with our one unified source that manages various data around the patient and across the enterprise with one installation of a server. The unified user interface allows short adoption times, making switching between systems simple for users. The modular architecture allows you to constantly grow and evolve, adjusting to your staffing, strategy and infrastructure requirements.

Intelligent Workflow

Universal Data Management

Premier Visualization

Encounter-based Imaging

Actionable Reporting

Research & Innovation

  1. Sygno Carbon Research and Innovation

    Syngo Carbon Synergized Research & Innovation enables you to benefit from a fully integrated research and innovation platform. Powered by a unified front end and a robust back end, expand access for synergies across all research groups and departments.

Syngo Carbon provides one new reading and reporting workspace with a clean and intuitive user interface which maximizes image space and reduces complexity. Syngo Carbon offers a new level of data integration beyond PACS, beyond DICOM, beyond clinical departments. This combination of one open Image and Data Management (IDM) means all imaging-related data points from across the entire enterprise are consolidated into one spot and translated into holistic patient care.
Syngo Carbon Many Into One
ONE Syngo Carbon system manages it all. Our new reading and reporting workspace is combined with our open image and data management to enhance the imaging value chain across departments. An improved patient-centric workflow where clinicians get easy access to appropriate and relevant patient data across the enterprise leads to improved outcomes.
Syngo Carbon Just Use It
Work quickly and with ease. Our new diagnostic workspace reduces complexity to a minimum. One application – with integrated innovative tools such as Actionable Reporting, Advanced Visualization, AI-powered applications, third-party tools and research prototypes – is all they need to learn.
Syngo Carbon Access All Areas
Unlock the unlimited collaborative capacity. Syngo Carbon provides physicians, technicians and patients instant access to all relevant medical information. Enhanced knowledge shared across the entire enterprise – and even beyond – helps connect care teams, for better collaboration and outcomes.
Syngo Carbon Story

With Syngo Carbon you step into the next generation of enterprise imaging IT. Syngo Carbon is future-proof – an imaging solution which will evolve and expand over time.

With Syngo Carbon, you get an open, extendible system that can seamlessly integrate the latest functionalities. Whether developed inhouse or from a third-party, the Digital Marketplace is continuously enriched and expanded with innovative applications available to purchase directly through other vendors.

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