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Our facility design and transformation teams can support you from the outset. A strong business case avoids costly architectural redesign whilst ensuring optimised performance and patient flow. Our relationships with the construction industry, mobile and modular healthcare manufacturers, operational service delivery and real estate partners can be leveraged to develop or scale a CDC in line with local requirements.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT),  Greater Manchester Area, United Kingdom

Siemens Healthineers is a leader in designing and installing accessible diagnostic imaging and pathology solutions, from single imaging modality rooms to large multi-modality imaging and laboratory facilities.

From initial planning through to operational delivery, our team works closely with the NHS to maximise service capacity and productivity. Our multidisciplinary expertise, combined with NHS operational experience, helps to optimise imaging, pathology and elective pathway services.

We have proven workflow design expertise in the delivery of complex transformation projects for NHS partners. We support the development of strategies to create effective models of working - addressing common themes and challenges to ensure long-term success.

Value Partnerships - Value Driver - Facility

At Siemens Healthineers, our consulting team uses Health Flow Design to ensure CDC facilities are truly fit for purpose, and that they are adapted to the specific needs of local populations.

Health Flow Design is an experience-based design programme. Unlike traditional design planning, staff and patients are given an active role in designing the new facility/CDC and its corresponding pathways. Deep engagement with hands-on workshops, data analysis and simulation modelling ensures the design is future-proof, meets the goals of the facility and enhances staff and patient experience.

We understand that establishing new processes and workflows in harmony with physical design is critical to deliver efficiency and capacity in a CDC. 

At Siemens Healthineers, our consulting team provides on-site resources, utilising experience from NHS leadership roles, clinical practice, healthcare consultancy and data analysts. This informs a deep understanding of NHS processes/challenges. We work with Lean principles to deliver efficient clinical pathways and processes, and workflow optimisation. Working collaboratively, we agree baseline metrics/targets and ensure you see sustained benefit from new processes and skills, that can be maintained post-our involvement.

Value Partnerships - Excellence Driver - Digital Innovation

Digitalisation is integral to maximising CDC efficiency. Once a CDC is operational and generating data, it becomes possible to analyse whether equipment is being used to its full potential. If this isn’t being achieved, CDCs can identify the actions they need to take to achieve optimal use. 

Siemens Healthineers Simulation Modelling assesses how CDC facilities are performing and predicts future performance. These insights allow CDCs to plan how they will cope with expected demand, and to optimise resource use. The tool can also be used to analyse complex data and create accessible graphics, informing decision-making and allowing for continual operational oversight and improvement. 


Explore our innovative range of imaging and point-of-care testing equipment that can be perfectly placed in any CDC setting.

Virtual tour of a Community Diagnostic Centre

Our innovative range of diagnostic imaging systems and point-of-care technology are perfectly placed for the Community Diagnostic Centre setting. 

CT, MRI, X-ray and UltrasoundOur systems deliver exceptional image quality, efficiency and speed, delivering excellent patient experience and investment protection. Our systems are equipped with myExam Companion, meaning operators are guided through diagnostic procedures, generating consistent and comprehensive results.  

Point-of-Care Testing: Siemens Healthineers has a range of Point-of-Care Testing devices supporting one-stop decision making including; handheld blood gas analysis, urine profile/pregnancy testing, cardiac care and diabetes. 

Multi-vendor capability: We can act as a single source for all the equipment you need. We can even incorporate existing NHS and new third-party equipment and services in a Siemens Healthineers Value Partnership to meet a wide range of CDC needs such as phlebotomy, pathology and endoscopy.

Lung cancer screening UK - mobile

Siemens Healthineers is actively involved in Lung Health Checks

Mobile solutions deliver high-quality care wherever your patients are. These offer added flexibility to boost the diagnostic provision that standard, large or hub-and-spoke CDC environments can provide. A number of our CT and MR solutions can be deployed in mobile and relocatable solutions. We can facilitate this with approved providers.


syngo Virtual Cockpit allows  multi-site access with up to three scanning workplaces simultaneously

A vendor-neutral remote scanning assistance tool addressing cross-sectional imaging workforce capacity and supervision challenges, syngo Virtual Cockpit enables comprehensive scanning assistance to imaging personnel regardless of their physical location. 

  • Simultaneous collaboration with up to three scanning workplaces remotely and in parallel optimises clinical operations. 
  • Remote monitoring and control of imaging modalities from a single command centre allows a high level of standardisation.

AI-Rad Companion is our family of cloud-based AI solutions across a range of imaging modalities. A multi-organ diagnostic decision support system helps to improve diagnostic accuracy and integrated image quantification speeds up routine workflows and reduces turnaround time.

Deep Resolve is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology that takes advantage of convolutional neural networks to accelerate MR scans, e.g. 70% for brain imaging, making them faster than ever before boosting workflow efficiency while improving the patient experience. 

Breastcare Pathway Ecucation Training

Siemens Healthineers provides a comprehensive range of training and education solutions for both experienced and newly qualified imaging staff. We work in collaboration with the NHS across multiple departments and facilities, building a bespoke programme that:

• Helps prepare new staff to be CT- and MRI- ready radiographers and assistants
• Upskill existing CT and MRI staff
• Provide best-in-class staff education and workforce outcomes for CT and MRI teams

Our solutions range from introductory training for staff on new systems, coaching and optimising processes and protocols, to full education management programming and support. Whether the requirement is for a single year or a long-term partnership, we can provide support on a standalone basis or as part of an equipment or service package.

Community diagnostic centres - a group of people are gathered around a long table and discussing a project

The CDC workforce needs to be highly flexible and efficient to support rising diagnostic demand. However, transformation of workforce management is no easy undertaking. One measure is to allow staff to undertake a broader range of responsibilities, rather than being constrained by their job roles. A further measure is to increase training and apprenticeship programmes, which can help staff to upskill, but also attract new talent for the future workforce. 

Bringing in our Workforce Planning can refresh existing models, or even help to create new staffing systems that are more suitable for a CDC.  

Community Diagnostic Centres - a female healthcare professional and a male healthcare professional discuss a clinical chart on a computer screen

 Siemens Healthineers can connect you with organisations that specialise in radiography recruitment. Bringing expertise in delivering innovative NHS workforce solutions for community diagnostic settings, these companies cover routine recruitment needs through to specialised advanced practitioner reporting services. 

With a presence across the UK and Europe, these companies offer tailored strategies to attract domestic and international talent, ensuring a sustainable pipeline for permanent or fixed-term radiographer recruitment.

Their commitment to industry immersion allows our customers to access exceptional insights and recruitment solutions tailored to the unique demands of the CDC. By connecting you with the right partner, we collectively navigate the complexities of workforce management, driving efficiency and excellence in healthcare delivery.



Our Digital and Automation portfolio provides a wide range of dynamic and scalable solutions to address the challenges of bringing healthcare into the community. CDCs benefit from full digital enablement which drives process and workflow optimisation, promotes timely reporting and provides continuity of care. An intelligent workflow infrastructure overcomes interoperability issues and ensures right study, right report, right time. Fully scalable, this end-to-end patient focussed model integrates directly into existing infrastructure.

Siemens Healthineers offers a suite of solutions which bring together patient data in all of its forms and allow that to be shared and prioritised. This can help transform disparate standalone solutions into a fully functional network, optimised for pathways. With a range of AI, performance management and optimisation tools, you can reduce repetitive task burden and enhance diagnostic precision and standardisation.

Syngo Carbon Space

An outcome-driven information/imaging system that goes beyond PACS to integrate all data sources (DICOM and Non-DICOM) from across the organisation into a single open patient data model, capable of accepting and storing any data in its native format. Syngo Carbon enriches that data using AI tools to present comprehensive diagnostic information to the clinician to support the clinical diagnosis.

Structured, actionable reporting tools ensure all data is captured in a reproducible and reusable way, opening the path for research as well as algorithmic diagnostic tools. With the ability to be separate from any hospital PACS, Syngo Carbon can communicate easily with multiple partners making it ideal in a CDC setting.

collaboration across institutions

A fully IHE standards-based infrastructure solution, eHealth facilitates both clinician and patient access to the clinical record through customisable zero footprint portals, helping to engage all parties along the clinical journey.

Providing the CDC with its own XDS Registry, this can communicate with the registries/repositories of all clinical partners to ensure the full patient record is always available when it is required, even allowing for patients’ own devices such as glucose or heart rate monitors to automatically feed into the patient record.

Manage your POC testing

Point-of-care testing plays a critical role in the CDC. POCcelerator is a single platform for primary, CDC and secondary care to manage all point-of-care testing and physiological measurement device data and enhance workflow. Independent of the device manufacturer, POCcelerator is compatible with all European HIS and LIS.

teaser teamplay Dose - radiation dose management

teamplay applications for performance management in radiology help you to make quick and well-informed decisions by offering a clear overview of your performance data. Particularly useful when you have remote centres to optimise all imaging assets.

  • teamplay Fleet enables you to streamline your fleet management and optimise your asset performance.
  • teamplay Protocols enables central protocol management ensuring standardisation throughout the whole organisation. 
  • teamplay Dose provides you with radiation dose data for your entire imaging feet.
  • teamplay Usage brings workflow transparency helping you to increase the productivity of your fleet and balance resources more efficiently. 
  • teamplay Insights empowers well-informed decisions. 


Siemens Healthineers Healthcare Finance and Payment Models

Siemens Healthineers offers a wide range of commercial financial models tailored to your project requirements. Our innovation in business models offers the flexibility needed to realise your CDC vision.

Because every healthcare provider faces different pressures and opportunities, the business model must be selected taking into consideration the specific needs of each organisation and Community Diagnostic Centre. 

In the graphic to the left are five business models that are typically utilised in larger, more complex projects and long-term partnerships. 


The building blocks of customised Value Partnerships

Working in partnership with you, we plan, design, construct, equip and digitalise the CDC, helping to perfect processes throughout. We can wrap all required equipment and services in a financially innovative Value Partnership that’s tailored to the unique community and NHS requirements.

A Siemens Healthineers Value Partnership is a collaborative relationship in which we work with healthcare providers to ensure a CDC increases organisation-wide value to meet both immediate and future goals. Our bespoke proposals are built from the shared vision, collaboration and trust we develop with our partners.

Our most widely recognised forms of Value Partnership have multi-vendor technological equipment management at their core, spread over multiple years, often extending beyond imaging. Today we have 120+ Value Partnerships across the globe, including 30+ in the UK that demonstrate the efficiency and service quality we deliver.