Inspiring a New Generation of Siemens Healthineers Apprentices

This week (March 4-8) marks National Apprenticeship Week. Siemens Healthineers GB&I has an established apprenticeship scheme helping to support the healthcare of tomorrow.

In the UK, Siemens Healthineers manufactures superconducting magnets for MRI scanners, as well as designing, maintaining and operating solutions in laboratory diagnostics and point of care.

Alex Marshall

I am an Engineering Apprentice at Siemens Magnet Technology in Eynsham. My main role is too fully terminate the magnets so that they are ready to go into the next stage of the production line. This is an important skill for me to learn, as I want to learn more about electrical and electronic engineering.

The most amazing part of my role is having the opportunity to work on such complex electromagnets. Learning how to terminate the electromagnets we have here has allowed me to gain the skills and the attributes I need to move up in the engineering world.

One of the best parts of my apprenticeship is having the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds.

My Apprenticeship has enabled me to develop my engineering skills, and in turn, led me to enrol onto higher education course in order to fulfil my goal of working on the research and design of the future electromagnetic systems.

Cameron Hollick

I am a Maintenance Engineering Apprentice at Siemens Healthineers in Eynsham, where my main role is respond to alerts concerning areas of the plant where machinery has failed and/or needs repairing as well as general maintenance activities.

An amazing part of my role is seeing my own progression and how I am developing every week, working through each of the rotations.

One of the best parts of my apprenticeship is learning new engineering skills that I haven’t ever had to chance to do before such as Electrical, Welding, Electronics.

My Apprenticeship has enabled me to expand my engineering knowledge, but also network, I am constantly working alongside professionals but also other apprentices.


Chloe Edmonds

I am a Manufacturing Apprentice at Siemens Healthineers in Eynsham, my main role is within the production of MRI scanners. I'm currently training at the BMW group factory in Cowley. Where I'm studying for a level 3 BTEC in Engineering and developing my practical skills.

So far I've developed the following the skills; electrical, welding, hands fitting, pneumatics and creating a selection of circuit boards. All of which I've enjoyed very much.
As a female apprentice I've been treated no different within the engineering field and been given a range of team leading opportunities which I have relished and made me feel a lot more confident in myself and in the working environment.

My Apprenticeship has enabled me to develop both technically and professionally - allowing me to network with other apprentices and giving me the chance to further develop my knowledge and understanding of the basic foundations of engineering, with a hands on and technical approach.

Stephane Harvey

I am a Level 3 Manufacturing Apprentice at Siemens Magnet techno in Eynsham and my main role is developing new skills and making sure all equipment is in good condition to be used when making MRI scanners. I am also responsible for finding ways to improve machines and equipment that can lead to an increase in productivity. This can be beneficial for the company as more MRI scanners be produced.

An amazing part of my role is being part of a team with several goals in places and carry out values:
“Responsible: Committed to ethical and responsible actions”
“Excellent: Achieving high performance and excellent results”
“Innovative: Being innovative to create sustainable value”

One of the best parts of my apprenticeship is having the chance to learn about the field of engineering while being able to work with experienced people on the plant. This helps me to pick up what others have learnt at their time at Siemens.


Sam Scott

I am a Level 3 Manufacturing Engineer Apprentice at Siemens Healthineers based at Eynsham and my main role will be to maintain the equipment used by the workers in production. Having the maintenance engineers on site greatly improves the productivity of the plant because if a machine breaks it can be repaired much quicker than if a third party is needed.

One of my favourite parts of my apprenticeship is seeing the real world of work first hand and learning to adapt to a workplace that is constantly changing.

Another of the best parts of my apprenticeship is having the chance to go to many different open days where we can use and test equipment that we may come across later at work such as a Hydraulic Press or 3D printer.

My Apprenticeship has enabled me to develop my skills in many different areas of engineering, whether it be welding or building circuits on the electrical rotation, all of the skills I have been taught will help me later on when I am a full-time employee of Siemens Healthineers.


Jordan Williams

I am currently undergoing my first year Apprenticeship at Siemens Healthineers in Eynsham, Oxford. Once fully qualified, my role will be as an Engineering Technician which will involve the making of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanners to achieve the highest standards in quality and performance.

The duration of my apprenticeship is three years. I am currently at the training facility at BMW Mini plant, Oxford undergoing my level 3 in product design and development technician. It is an exciting opportunity and I am gaining numerous skills. I look forward to my journey with Siemens Healthineers.

One of the best parts of my apprenticeship is having the chance to work with the MAGNETOM Terra. Which is the first 7 tesla magnet used for clinical research. Furthermore, I am proud to be able to represent the females who are a part of the engineering industry.

My Apprenticeship has enabled me to develop professionally and allowed me to network. It has also allowed me to develop as a person, as I had to re-locate for this once in a lifetime opportunity and overcome challenges given.


Peter Loveridge

I completed my engineering higher apprentice at Siemens Healthineers in Sudbury, my main role being to support the manufacturing operations here, this support enables our production facilities to meet the required output and keep our customers supplied with the necessary products and ensure their patients get the best quality treatment.

STEM activities have been a key aspect of my position throughout my apprenticeship. I have had the opportunity to go out there and inspire younger generations to make a difference and progress themselves into a technical subject, and hopefully one day, Siemens.

The best part of my role, aside from knowing that I’m making a difference to someone’s life, is that I get to bring new technology into our business and support and manage that process all the way to seeing it in actions and producing high quality product.

Ryan Hindmarch

After leaving high school with a keen interest in physics and engineering, I decided the best way to step into the industry would be to pursue an apprenticeship program. I chose to do this because I knew that this route would provide me with a combination of hands on experience, qualifications and confidence.

I then became fortunate enough to be offered a field service apprentice role with Siemens Healthineers. Working with engineers, I gained valuable experience installing, repairing and maintaining our medical systems at hospitals in many locations before training in Germany. In addition to this, I participated in day release college courses such as the NVQ and HNC. Ultimately, my apprentice role involved increasing competency, supporting the workload of my colleagues as well as the requirements of the business, and becoming an engineer.

6 years after starting the apprenticeship program I am now employed as a fully qualified and competent field service engineer in the North East. Most importantly, I continue to learn new things every day and develop further in this role.