Cios Select with FD

Cios Select with FD 

Select smart surgical imaging

As the pressures on healthcare providers are increasing, many surgeons want more powerful routine imaging equipment. Currently, however, such technology is only accessible in high-end systems.

We therefore equipped Cios Select® with flat-detector technology, combining premium capabilities with an economic system design – for excellent images, easy handling, and high system availability.

Access optimal support in surgical procedures, efficient workflows, and high reliability – a smart choice for your surgical routine.

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Cios Select with FD - Introducing flat-detector capabilities to routine surgery.
  • Accuracy - see more with flat-detector technology
  • Productivity - streamline your work with smart touch user interface
  • Reliability - experience 99.8% system availability1

Features & Benefits

Combining accuracy with productivity and reliability, Cios Select with flat-detector technology is a smart choice for your surgical routine. Learn how it gives you access to optimal support in surgical procedures, efficient workflows, and high dependability in multidisciplinary use.

Advanced Therapies - Surgery - Mobile C-Arms - Cios Select with FD - Productivity

Cios Select comes with premium technology that helps you improve imaging accuracy: See more details, at the right dose and with the right power. Profit from optimal support for your surgical procedures – thanks to flat-detector technology and automated dose optimization.

See more anatomical details with flat detector imaging: Retina FD technology

  • Larger field of view (21 cm x 21 cm) for better anatomical coverage and fewer images per procedure
  • High spatial resolution (2.4 LP/mm)
  • Delivering distortion‐free images and better visualization of details

The right dose in each individual case: CARE

  • Automated optimization of dose, brightness, and contrast
  • Easy choice of the right X-ray parameters
  • Additional features for low-dose pediatric procedures available

The right power whenever and wherever needed: Smart power management

  • The right power for crisp static, dynamic and long-lasting imaging
  • Max power output of 2.3 kW
  • Tube current up to 24 mA in pulsed fluoro
  • Heat storage capacity of 1,100,000 HU

Advanced Therapies - Surgery - Mobile C-Arms - Cios Select with FD - Productivity

Cios Select allows you to efficiently tackle everyday interventions. Built for intuitive handling and productivity, it lets you preview images and operate the system via smart touch user interface. Experience hassle-free operation with a wireless footswitch2– and profit from easy patient positioning thanks to its large C-arm geometry.

Large preview image for optimized system control: Smart touch user interface

  • Large preview image – for optimized control
  • Flexible and consistent system control – at the C-arm and from the monitor cart
  • Switch between simple and advanced mode

Cableless freedom in the OR: Wireless footswitch2

  • More flexible positioning of the footswitch
  • Better infection control and easier cleaning
  • Battery lasts for 12-18 month3 and can be changed without special service

Easy patient and system positioning: Large C-arm geometry

  • Up to 25% more space compared to conventional mobile C-arms4
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability in the OR
  • Color-coded axes and brakes facilitate clear communication

Advanced connectivity: Data transfer and data management

  • Flexible data management and seamless data integration into your institution’s data chain
  • Offering local storage of up to 300,000 images and offline data storage
  • Featuring full DICOM 3.0 functionalities2

Advanced Therapies - Surgery - Mobile C-Arms - Cios Select with FD - Reliability

Cios Select has got you covered: Profit from manufacturing excellence for outstanding reliability. At the same time, its smart and lean design facilitates quick and effective service. See for yourself why our installed base reports 99.8% system availability.1

Proven high uptime, long lifecycle, and low maintenance: Manufacturing excellence

  • Designed and tested by proven engineering from Siemens Healthineers
  • Our experience is based on >12,000 systems installed worldwide5
  • Endurance test passed with over 441,000 system movements

Facilitating efficient service in case it is needed: Service friendly

  • Lean system design to perform efficient service
  • Dedicated quick service access in the C-arm design to perform efficient service
  • Proactive and interactive services available via Smart Remote Services (SRS)2

Protection against overheating and data loss: Built-in system protection

  • Effective heat management and heat storage capacity of 1,100,000 HU
  • Tested for uninterrupted fluoro time of 50 min at 300͏͏ W
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) securely stores all data before shutting down