teamplayThe departmental performance management solution for Radiology and Cardiology


To advance digitalization in healthcare, teamplay1 is a departmental performance management solution that brings together healthcare professionals in a team effort. By connecting medical institutions and their imaging devices, teamplay apps aspire to create the biggest radiology and cardiology team in the world and provide its members with tools to tackle big data and the challenges of increasing cost pressure.
The cloud-based solution teamplay with its apps will help you make prompt and well-informed decisions by offering an intelligible overview of your performance data. It monitors quantities such as imaging throughput or dose levels, utilization of staff, rooms and resources of your whole department down to every device and procedure, simplifying your reporting and showing you where workflows need adjustments. It links you to other users of teamplay and their data to offer comparable benchmarks2 and an effortless exchange of images and reports with other healthcare providers.

Get the teamplay apps to accelerate your clinical processes and to find the additional expert opinion you need – when you need it.

teamplay - Data Security

Keeping private things private

Protecting the privacy of data is very important to us. “Privacy by design and by default” is the core principle motivating us daily in the development and improvement of teamplay. As processor of your data we are highly driven by the aim to support you in your compliance with the US standards of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)3 and the privacy laws applicable throughout the world and in particular the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). teamplay with the CORE applications teamplay Dose, teamplay Usage, teamplay Protocols and teamplay Images / Images Research has been awarded with the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe).

teamplay - Secure multiple Layer

teamplay has a strong security partner in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. But teamplay does more to protect you. It adds security measures of its own, protects your web access, and limits access to those you have authorized.

Cutting-edge security

Employing the Microsoft Azure comes with cutting-edge security to avoid breaches and malicious attacks. Encryption, segregation, and destruction safeguard all information.

State-of-the-art cryptography

The confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of all data transmitted from your site to the teamplay cloud is protected by state-of-the-art cryptographic means.

Strictly controlled access

Access to your data is strictly controlled to safeguard your sensitive information. Only you decide to whom you grant access rights or with whom you share data.

teamplay - Data Privacy

You control personal data and PHI

Data privacy friendly settings give you robust transparency and control over personal data and protected health information (PHI) that leaves your institution. These settings differ in the amount and granularity of uploaded data.

You choose the level of protection

Patient privacy is protected by not uploading directly identifying details as names, addresses, and phone numbers. Three different protection levels are available. If you wish to upload more patient identifiers, teamplay Images provides such functionality.

You select the granularity of statistics

You decide how granular you want statistics to be. The most restrictive data privacy profile yields the least precise statistics. For additional control, you can exclude certain studies from upload by the teamplay Receiver, e.g. VIP patients.

teamplay Dose

teamplay Dose offers you at-a-glance insight into your current dose levels and into deviations from both internal and national thresholds. Drill-downs allow in-depth analyses and comparisons to both pinpoint issues and help decision-makers outline measures to resolve them.

teamplay - EURATOM seal

One major topic of the European directive5 is justification of individual medical exposures. In special circumstances, the applied dose needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and documented to justify a specific individual exposure.6

Radiology departments need to provide evidence that they follow nationally defined reference levels for radio diagnostic procedures. teamplay Dose helps by offering a clear overview of, and the opportunity to comment on, dose outliers. The departmental dashboard on the home screen of teamplay shows at a glance how many examinations exceeded national reference levels or institutional set values. Besides dose monitoring, optimization is also part of the new guidelines. With teamplay, detected dose outliers can be easily analyzed. If an incorrect scan protocol was used, the protocol parameters stored on the CT scanner can be accessed with teamplay Protocols7 and measures to optimize the scan protocol can be directly triggered. Objectivity in comparing radiation dose values is also key. teamplay automatically maps customized protocols with protocol names based on the Radlex playbook.

teamplay - Monitor dose levels

Check dose levels at a glance

Find key dose levels front and center on your Dashboard. It is intuitively designed to give you the insights you need – no training necessary.

Identify best-practice exams

teamplay Dose helps you identify areas of improvement and best-practice exams. All insights in teamplay Dose are based on data extracted from the radiation reports of your scanners.

Receive dose alerts

Receive alerts when maximum dose levels – be they official or customized – have been exceeded.

teamplay - Identify what causes outliers

Monitor dose level compliance

Current dose levels as well as deviations from both institutional and national reference levels are displayed front and center on your Home.

Pinpoint exams with deviating dose levels

Exams that have exceeded specific dose levels are detailed on the Dose Events page.

Explore root causes

To analyze findings, focus on time frames, dose amount, and entity of interest, such as scanner, exam type, operator or location.

teamplay Dose supports:

  • Patient-centric dose monitoring
  • Standardization and objective comparison, with the integrated Radlex Playbook lexicon
  • National and internal dose reference levels
  • SSDE and effective dose calculation by smart algorithms
  • Reporting on dose events and assures their storage for future Q/A.
  • Collecting information from multiple sources, including image headers, DICOM SR Dose reports, OCR on dose report images, etc.

teamplay Usage

Turning big data into smart data, teamplay Usage provides easy access to institution scores and trends. From a daily overview of the system scores to the detailed analysis of utilization trends, teamplay Usage allows a seamless access to your institution performance and beyond. It helps you refine your imaging efficiency and identify precise starting points for enhancing efficiency, competitiveness, and quality of care.

teamplay - Usage Day

Gain valuable insights

Find near real-time key performance data of your connected fleet in one place. Get a clear picture of average exam duration, change time, your top performing devices and the utilization of contrast media.

Benefit from processed and comparable data

To ensure reliable comparisons, all insights are based on data extracted from the DICOM headers of your scanner images.

Understand usage patterns

An intuitive, clutter-free user interface lets you easily analyze and understand large amounts of complex data. Explore workflow-specific data on patients and exams, or focus on the efficiency and performance of individual devices.

teamplay - Usage Hours

Drill down to root causes

Identify areas that need adjustment at a glance, and tap down to explore the cause of performance issues. For an in-depth analysis, focus on a time frame, a particular modality type or a body region.

Benchmark yourself

Compare performance of modalities to identify best-practice scenarios. Use your findings to make fast and well-informed decisions in tackling standardization of quality of care across your imaging fleet7.

Streamline your processes

View the exam list of a modality of interest to identify starting points for the improvement of workflow or scanner utilization.

teamplay Usage supports:

  • Monitor the assets when it comes to utilization
  • Calculation of important KPI’s such as patient change time, exams per hour and table occupancy
  • Group devices based on location or device type
  • Export all graphs for reporting
  • In-depth information of the utilized scan protocols with information such as duration of each sequence
  • Benchmarking within the institution, IDN or other peers

teamplay Images and Images Research

teamplay Images8 is teamplay’s one-stop offering for imaging studies, designed for quick and easy web access from your device of choice. Collaboration features help you engage in professional discourse in a secured environment and pool expertise with staff and peers to improve patient outcome.

teamplay - Images

Find your images in a single place

Images make accessing and managing imaging studies quick and easy. View imaging studies8,9 from both your fleet and collaborators. Search, sort, filter, download or add your own. Delete imaging studies to keep the database clear.

View images anytime, anywhere10

teamplay’s powerful full screen DICOM images viewer8,9 is fast, web based and zero footprint to ensure smooth viewing on the go. Scroll through cases and get a good look: Zoom, pan or select other series directly within the full-screen mode. The viewer comes with the right presets for windowing and color look-up.

teamplay - Images Share

Collaborate in a secure environment

Highly efficient collaboration features and a secured environment help you pool expertise to improve patient outcome. Next to imaging data in a DICOM format, teamplay Images supports to share all other formats, like Word, PDF etc. too.

Enrich your professional exchange

Have your imaging studies at hand for discussions with professional peers. Upload DICOM directly from your PACS via the teamplay Receiver or from outside of your institution by using the smart upload function. teamplay automatically removes patient information according to your selected privacy profile.

Share, comment and collaborate

Easy commenting and sharing lets you engage in professional discourse from your desk or on the go. Create or select an existing topic and share with staff and peers, students and educators. Read and add comments to discussions on shared images from your tablet – as easy as sending a mail.

teamplay Images supports:

  • Quick and easy image viewing and sharing11
  • Commenting on shared studies and share as well non-DICOM files
  • Enriching your professional exchange of clinical cases with other professionals
  • Building a virtual team

teamplay Protocols

teamplay Protocols gives you a clear picture of protocols installed in your imaging fleet7. Tidy, interactive grids make exploring protocols as easy as a tapping on your tablet.

teamplay - Protocols

See protocol details

Find imaging protocols in one place. The viewer lets you analyze their details. Focus on a scanner (CT) and browse its protocol tree7 or file list when MR scanners are connected to teamplay.

Add comments to protocols

Add annotations for later reference, and distribute protocols with accompanying notes.

Explore version histories

Protocols change over time. To keep track of recent improvements, find out about the changes to protocol details7 in the version history.

teamplay - Protocols Distribution

Streamline protocol roll-outs

Send particularly efficient protocols to compatible scanners in your fleet, straight from your distribution panel7,12. You want to ensure your scanners perform equally? Simply distribute an entire protocol tree.

Propagate protocols remotely

Save time and resources in your fleet network by distributing protocols remotely7,12.

teamplay - Protocols Explorer

Imagine browsing all CT protocols of your fleet in a single place. The CT Protocol Explorer gives you an instant access to an overview of all protocols in use. Dive in and explore their scan parameters. Or, find out about their usage on different scanners.

The CT Protocol Explorer comes with a powerful feature: It lets you compare protocols by parameter structure. With just a few clicks, you identify deviations or potential improvements.

teamplay Protocols supports:

  • Viewing and comparing scan protocol parameters of the entire CT fleet with the protocol Explorer
  • Understanding what happened with the scan protocols at the CT in the change history view
  • Distributing CT and MR protocols or protocol files to remote scanners
  • Exact monitoring of radiation dose in a process of dose optimization with help of the analysis view

teamplay Cardio

Opening a window into your cardiology workflow and operations, teamplay Cardio13 provides timely and meaningful insights into performance and status: from procedure volume and turnaround statistics to the detailed analysis of the utilization of staff, rooms and resources. teamplay Cardio's actionable data helps you identify precise starting points for planning and allocating resources to improve patient flow and physician efficiency.

teamplay - Cardio

Easy access to transparent data in a single app

Benefit from a minimal learning curve in an intuitively designed user interface as you analyze and navigate near-real-time key performance indicators of your cardiology department.

Measure operational and workflow effectiveness

Cardio collects, combines, processes and harmonizes data from both DICOM and non-DICOM systems to give you a comprehensive cross-source look at the department's performance, resources, and status.

Substantiate planning decisions

To help you monitor areas of improvement and calculate trends over time, with Cardio you can look at volume of exams over time and manipulate data to run customized reports.

teamplay - Cardio

Monitor incomplete reports at a glance

Track the rate of incomplete reports throughout the day to ensure results are communicated timely and efficiently. Build on your insights to standardize operational practices.

Increase department efficiency with actionable data

Benefit from near-real-time order data from your echo labs and exam rooms. Use your insights to improve visibility of patient flow bottlenecks and department efficiency.

Share best-practice scenarios across facilities

Look at consolidated KPIs such as turnaround time, staff allocation, and patient flow from your facilities to identify best practices. Use your insights to standardize operations and quality of care throughout your organization.