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Spine Precision Partnership

Cios Spin and Pulse1 – The integrated solution for the OR

Navigation in spine surgery with mobile C-arm machine Cios Spin and NuVasive Pulse platform

Cios Spin mobile C-arm and NuVasive Pulse platform

Navigation and excellent intraoperative imaging in spine surgery offer the potential for more surgeons to adopt MIS techniques, while improving implant accuracy and minimizing radiation. However, the complexity of existing solutions and the workflow disruptions they cause have impeded adoption of navigation in the majority of spine surgeries. 

Siemens Healthineers and NuVasive formed the Spine Precision Partnership to create a holistic solution for spine surgery. 

Cios Spin and the Pulse platform now integrate seamlessly, delivering 2D and 3D imaging, navigation technologies, image quality improvement for low dose images, and a wide range of dedicated spine surgery technologies — all available on one easy-to-use platform.

Navigation in spine surgery with mobile C-arm machine Cios Spin

Cios Spin performs an isocentric 3D scan in 30 seconds

Retina 3D: Precise 3D visualization with intraoperative cone beam CT
Retina 3D lets you see fine anatomical structures, implants, screws, and devices. The 3D technology of Cios Spin may also help to avoid revision surgery.

Easy 3D: 3D made quick and easy
With step-by-step guidance, scan times of only 30 seconds, and easy-to-use 3D visualization functions, Cios Spin improves 3D workflow efficiency.

Screw Scout2: Accelerated intraoperative screw assessment
Screw Scout automatically localizes screws in the 3D volume and presents the detected screws in a centered view in three planes. This allows for immediate and accelerated screw assessment.

Navigation in spine surgery with NuVasive Pulse platform

NuVasive Pulse platform

Precision through 3D imaging and navigation
Pulse introduces a procedurally integrated navigation technology that features workflow technologies to improve ease-of-use and surgical efficiency in the OR.

Smart imaging with radiation reduction
Lessray technology was designed to increase OR efficiency through streamlined imaging workflow, while at the same time to improve the quality (clarity, contrast, noise level, and usability3) of a noisy (low‐quality) image. Lessray significantly reduces the graininess of low radiation dose images and allows for greater utility of low dose imaging, which minimizes the dose exposure for everyone in the room.4

Multiple technologies in one platform
Besides navigation and Lessray, Pulse integrates multiple enabling technologies to improve workflow in the OR, including neuromonitoring, Integrated Global Alignment, and Bendini.

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