syngo.MR OncoTrend

syngo.MR OncoTrend1 allows the assessment and intuitive visualization of changes in functional imaging parameters, i.e. diffusion characteristics (ADC values) under therapy.
With a color-coding of different ADC value ranges and overlay of post-processing results in the original images, multiple timepoints can be compared and changes can easily be assessed.
With its histogram analysis, back-mapping, and trending functionalities, syngo.MR OncoTrend offers a solution for semi-quantitative evaluation of functional lesion response to treatment. It has the potential to allow earlier assessment of treatment response, leading to treatment path optimization and savings of unnecessary treatment costs.

Features & Benefits

syngo.MR OncoTrend enables an intuitive analysis and visualization of functional tissue properties by means of a traffic-light color coding and overlay of ADC information on MR images.

  • Threshold-based segmentation of body regions with restricted diffusivity and editing tools for soft-tissue removal
  • Segmentation-based histogram analysis
  • ADC-based whole-body tissue assessment and trending
  • Calculation of quantitative parameters, such as segmentation volume, mean ADC, standard deviation and percentile
  • Back-mapping of histogram colors on the image of reference
  • Intuitive color definition for three histogram domains
  • Presets for histogram analysis can be saved

General Requirements

  • syngo.via for MRI

syngo.via VB40
syngo.MR Oncology

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.