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BioMatrix Fit UpgradesTransforming your care delivery

Did you know that over one fifth of all MRI scanners in Europe are more than 10 years old? And nearly one third in the USA.1 Maybe your MRI is reaching a certain age as well. As you know MRI plays an increasingly important role in many clinical fields, e.g. for prostate cancer as first line triage test before biopsy.2,3 As a consequence, the number of patients that need an MRI scan is constantly growing. Plus, the important gatekeeper that send the patients to you are your referrers. They have high demand towards MRI results and your diagnostic services4 – and sometimes they have a choice from whom they get it. Beyond that as many others you might be facing severe staff shortages and high time pressure. Nevertheless, often you are asked to still improve your workflow and productivity.

When looking at your existing MRI system and all these challenges in mind, you might ask yourself: Is my current MR scanner still fit for the future? Watch the expert talk. 

Features & Benefits

Constantly growing number of patients

By upgrading to a BioMatrix scanner you get more robust and consistent results for your patients.

With patient-adaptive BioMatrix technology and intelligent guidance through myExam Companion, e.g

  • Reliable respiratory triggered exams with in-built BioMatrix Respiratory Sensor
  • Excellent shim effect in the challenging head/neck region, through BioMatrix Tuner CoilShim as well as consistent high-quality for abdomen or whole body DWI through BioMatrix Tuner SliceAdjust resulting in fewer artifac ts, sharper images, and better fat surpression
  • With myExam Companion you can focus on the patient, not the software by easily adapting scan strategies to your patients needs, intuitive guidance for every exam, consistency for every follow-up exam5
  • More comfort for your patients with Quiet Suite: up to 96 % reduction6 in sound pressure for complete neurological and orthopedic MRI exams. Without compromising image quality or scan time.
before and after upgrade

By upgrading to a BioMatrix scanner you can offer improved diagnostic quality to your referrers.

With better image quality from high-density Tim 4G coils through significantly increased SNR and many new possibilities for routine as well as emerging clinical applications, like e.g.

  • Neuro imaging: More comfortable high-resolution imaging with tiltable BioMatrix Head/Neck 20 coil7 and robust contrast-free perfusion imaging with a larger coverage and thinner slices with 3D pCASL8
  • MSK imaging: Better image quality and reduction of scan time of up to 50%6 with high-channel coils and Turbo Suite
  • Prostate MRI: Achieve a new certainty by scanning with high-channel surface coils only and improved lesion conspicuity through high-res DWI with RESOLVE or zoomed DWI with ZOOMitPRO 8
  • Liver imaging: Reduce required breathhold times significantly to up to 6s using the acceleration of Turbo Suite Essential6
  • Abdominal MRI: Perform push-button, free-breathing liver dynamics and overcome timing challenges to expand the patient population eligible for abdominal MRI with Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE8
  • Outstanding DWI quality of RESOLVE for clinical routine by applying Simultaneous Multi-Slice
  • Cardiac MRI: Motion insensitive and free-breathing exams with PSIR Heart Freeze and Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine8
  • Whole-body imaging: Core whole-body exam in less than 30 minutes with myExam Whole-Body Assist8 and distortion-free whole-body DWI with BioMatrix Tuner SliceAdjust
How much am i able to invest

By upgrading to a BioMatrix scanner you have lower investment, reduced lifecycle cost and increased earnings potential.

With up to 45% savings6 compared to a new system

  • Possibility of increased earnings through new patients groups and increased efficiency
  • Reduced investment compared to a completely new MRI
  • Short installation time
  • No rebuilding costs
  • Reduced lifecycle costs through new energy management