Breast Matrix Coil

4-element design, standard breast imaging matrix coil.

Features & Benefits


  • 4-element design with 4 integrated preamplifiers, 2 clusters with 2 elements each
  • Padded for imaging in prone position
  • Stabilizing pads for wide anatomical variations
  • Mediolateral compression capability
  • No coil tuning
  • iPAT-compatible



  • Simultaneous high resolution imaging of both breasts in all directions
  • Uni- or bi-lateral imaging of the breasts in sagittal direction
  • Visualization of axilla region

Can be combined with

  • Body Matrix coils
  • All flexible coils for even more axillary coverage (e.g. CP Flex coil, small, CP Flex coil, large)

Matrix Coil Mode

  • 2-channel CP Mode
  • 4-channel Dual Mode

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 500 mm × 520 mm × 135 mm (L×W×H)

General Requirements

  • MAGNETOM Espree
  • MAGNETOM Symphony, A Tim System

syngo MR B13
syngo MR C11

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.