Poskytne péči každému při 1,5 T

MAGNETOM Sola – první 1,5T MR systém s technologií BioMatrix – se automaticky přizpůsobuje biologické proměnlivosti pacienta, aby zamezil neodůvodněným variacím při MR vyšetření. Výsledkem je menší počet opakovaných skenování, předvídatelné plánování a konzistentní, vysoce kvalitní personalizovaná vyšetření se zvýšenou produktivitou. MAGNETOM Sola s technologií BioMatrix počítá s lidskou individualitou a rozšiřuje precizní medicínu.


Features & Benefits

MAGNETOM SolaUser environmentNew accelerated applicationsPush-button examsNew 1.5T magnetBioMatrix Select&GOFree-breathing examsBioMatrix TunersAnatomy-adaptive coilsBioMatrix SensorsBioMatrix dockable table with eDriveEfficient energy management

    Embrace consistency at 1.5T with BioMatrix Technology

    MAGNETOM Sola achieves a new level of consistency with BioMatrix technology and meets throughput demands with high efficiency - together with our unique Tim 4G coil portfolio. The result: fewer rescans, higher diagnostic confidence, predictable patient scheduling, and consistent, high-quality personalized exams.

    For routine MR examinations, reimbursements are falling and referrals are increasing due to changing demographics. MAGNETOM Sola, with syngo MR XA platform, embraces efficiency at 1.5T and makes push-button examinations a clinical reality. GO technologies help you accelerate the entire workflow from patient positioning to result distribution, powered by artificial intelligence.

    Embrace efficiency at 1.5T with GO technologies and Simultaneous Multi-Slice

    Enhance your efficiency to optimize clinical operations with our Turbo Suite packages. Reduce the total exam time by up to 50%² with unique parallel imaging, Simultaneous Multi-Slice, and Compressed Sensing technologies that are tailored to your clinical needs. Setting the pace in MR acceleration.

    Embrace new clinical capabilities at 1.5T with Inline Compressed Sensing

    With MAGNETOM Sola, grant patients access to MRI that previously had to be excluded because of their medical condition or due to the exam’s complexity. Free-breathing Compressed Sensing applications help improve the patient experience, while extending your range of services. Significantly simplified procedures with automated workflow strengthen clinical fields with growth potential such as whole-body MRI.

    Clinical Use