teamplay Mammo DashboardFor improved operational efficiency and high quality of care in breast imaging

How do you tackle the globally prognosed staff shortage also seen in breast imaging?

How do you make sure to continuously improve your services in breast imaging especially for women not re-attending breast cancer screening citing pain and discomfort?

How do you handle the need for supplementary imaging of patients following their initial screening?

teamplay Mammo Dashboard1

  • Monitors your KPIs such as patient throughput, exam duration and study type to better understand your workflow​
  • Analyzes scan details such as average glandular dose and compression force to identify improvement needs and best practices
  • Enables you to match staffing schedules with clinical demand of patients for capacity planning based on risk assessment data4

Our breast-care specific solution to increase efficiency

teamplay Mammo Dashboard2,3 is specifically designed for breast care centers providing an intuitive overview of institution-specific KPIs to reveal workflow optimization potentials and support a high quality of care in breast imaging.

Analyze system utilization data of your mammography scanners for enhanced efficiency as well as scan details to identify the root cause of outliers for standardized imaging outcomes and use risk assessment4 data for streamlined scheduling of additional examinations aiming to improve the patient journey.

teamplay Mammo dashboard - system utilization

teamplay Mammo Dashboard – System Utilization

Deep dive into system utilization data with our dedicated teamplay Mammo Dashboard for fast and intuitive identification of the current performance of your breast imaging department in real-time. System utilization KPIs such as number of examinations, exam duration or percentage of screening exams provide you with valuable intelligence on how your mammography systems are being used. Establish operational metrics to facilitate the comparative evaluation of your mammography imaging equipment identifying ongoing efforts to improve efficiency.

teamplay Mammo dashboard - scan details

teamplay Mammo Dashboard – Scan Details

Track your scan-related KPIs​ to obtain an understanding regarding average compression force, average glandular dose (AGD) and most popular paddle. Analyze outliers based on the correlation of AGD, compression force, and compression thickness across various parameters encompassing breast density, operator, system and paddle details. Zero in on root causes of the respective outliers and derive targeted training needs of operators as well as benchmark systems’ performance against each other to increase the performance of your breast care center.

teamplay Mammo dashboard - risk assessment

teamplay Mammo Dashboard – Risk Assessment4

Based on breast density and CAD-based exam score visualization4, the teamplay Mammo Dashboard enables you to stratify risk groups and thus, to assess the number of high-risk patients at any point throughout the year. This helps you to better foresee additional imaging demands, and therefore, enables you to streamline your exam scheduling and staff capacity planning in your mammography department aiming to improve the patient journey.