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  1. Streamlining operations management icon

    Streamline operations management and enable more effective use of resources along service lines to deliver outcomes while reducing costs.

    • teamplay performance management applications
    • Medicalis Workflow Orchestrator
    • Medicalis Referral Management
    • BEFUND24

  2. Connecting care teams and patients
    Connecting care teams and patients

    Connecting care teams and patients to drive patient engagement and improve the treatment process – ultimately facilitate more cooperative care.

    • eHealth Solutions
    • teamplay myCare Companion
  3. Clinical Decision Support
    Supporting diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making to enhance health outcomes for patients along the care continuum – powered by AI.
    • AI-Rad Companion
    • AI-Pathway Companion
    • Medicalis Clinical Decision Support
  4. Partner Solutions
    Tap into the potential of digitalization through fast and easy access to digital healthcare partner applications and services, and leverage the possibilities of the growth engine for digital healthcare portfolios.
    • Digital Marketplace

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