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eHealth Virtual VisitExpand access to care, for your patients and physicians

The ability of health systems to engage virtually with patients, assess their needs and direct them towards treatment and care is not new, but it has been slow to gain traction. COVID-19 appears to have changed that. The pandemic has led to such profound fears about infection that many patients – most importantly ones with serious health concerns – are staying away from emergency departments and other healthcare locations. Patients are increasingly approaching healthcare as ‘consumers’ and demanding the same fast, easy and affordable care services. Patients are seeking alternative ways to receive care. The fast adoption and increasing demand lead healthcare providers to look for convenient ways to expand access to care. With virtual visits, the clinicians will be able to engage with patients at every major touchpoint of their healthcare journey. 

“In alliance with Siemens Healthineers, we made wide variety of specialists available to our entire network, eHealth Virtual Visit helps us to bring best care to the under-served regions where there is a lack of specialists.”

Gonzalo Grebe Noguera, CEO, Clinica Andes Salud, Chile

Enabling new ways to deliver care

  • Massive increase in number of outpatient patient visits lead to call for additional physical and human capital and drastic overuse of waiting rooms5
  • Growing demand for specialty care in underserved areas force healthcare providers to find alternative ways to expand access to care to stay ahead of competition6
  • Strong need to reduce the barriers to access care that was caused by long commutes, difficulty getting timely appointments and slow, lengthy visit process.7

eHealth Virtual Visit brings value to your organization, clinicians and patients

boost convenience

eHealth Virtual Visit empowers patients to consult with their physicians virtually and securely from the comfort of their home and with scheduling flexibility.

  • Expand patient access to care with virtual visits, thereby decrease appointment availability issues, travel and time in waiting rooms
  • Close the transportation disparity gap, thus helping patients avoid travel cost and stressful commuting
  • Make care easily reachable by providing patients with scheduling flexibility to video chat with physicians outside of their work or school schedules

boost financials

eHealth Virtual Visit can help to turn in-person visits into private virtual visits to help to improve revenue by 

  • Increase patient volumes through shortening the length of visit and patient wait times
  • Expanding patient reach through removal of geographical barriers and enabling convenient alternative to access care 

boost flexibility

eHealth Virtual Visit helps physicians and patients no longer be burdened by office hours or four walls of the healthcare facility.

  • Enable to handle routine health issues remotely, make the best use of physicians’ work schedules for complex cases
  • Perform low risk outpatient or follow-up visits, or check in on chronic patients with a smaller time than in-office visit
  • Reduce staff’s exposure to patients with viruses, flu, and other contagious illnesses.

eHealth Virtual Visit – COVID-19 use case

COVID-19 Use Case

Your challenges during COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Free up physicians for the most critical cases?
  2. Cope with no-shows and cancellations during COVID-19 times?
  3. Suspend interactions and limit the exposure to care teams and high-risk patients?
eHealth Virtual Visit

What we do to support you:

eHealth Virtual Visit empowers healthcare providers to deliver care through virtual consultation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Your benefits:

Maximize workforce potential by using quarantined physicians for virtual care, free up other physicians for in-person visits

Connect with high-risk non-COVID-19 patients virtually to deliver routine care and direct them to the right care sites

Online waiting room keeps patients away from each other but in close proximity to care teams

eHealth Virtual Visit – Cold and flu season use case

busy cold and flue use case

Connect with your sick patients from their home during flu season

Your challenges:

  1. Limit the exposure and suspend interaction to protect others
  2. Reduce preventable readmissions with less complex cases
  3. Flu seasons worsen the number of outpatient visits thus waiting rooms space is insufficient

What we do to support you:

eHealth Virtual Visit empowers healthcare providers to deliver care through virtual consultation

Your benefits:

Keep sick patient at home by engaging with them virtually to prevent the spread of viruses/germs to the other patients and workforce

Free up in-person appointment slots for patients with more complex cases that are reimbursed at a higher rate

Reduce waiting room occupancy and use your care teams at marginal capacity by assessing flu via virtual consultation and send prescription remotely3,4 

How it works