POC POCcelerator data management system

POCcelerator® Data Management System

At the center of point-of-care testing

Easily and securely connect all your POCT devices, regardless of manufacturer

With POCcelerator® Data Management System, you can simplify your POCT workflows and dramatically reduce workload for your staff. Collect and review all patient results, quality controls, operators, reagents, and device data in a clear and structured format in order to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Maintain control of your POC Ecosystem™ Solution containing hundreds of devices, dozens of sites, and thousands of operators. Improve workflow, extend and enhance clinical capabilities, and improve the overall profitability of POC operations.

  • Vendor-neutral connectivity
  • More than 220 device interfaces
  • Flexible growth

Características y Beneficios

POC Ecosystem Open connectivity icon

Open Connectivity

Connect over 220 POCT devices across 70+ manufacturers. Simplify your workflow and streamline your IT infrastructure by consolidating multiple middleware systems into one.


Recognize KPIs with POCcelerator Ci Module

At-a-glance metrics are available for Quality Control, Device Operators, Patient Results, and Device Performance. In-depth information is accessible with a few clicks.

Point-of-care-Data management Visualization icon

Review trending reports

Assess device performance for your entire POCT environment, from any location. Quickly identify patterns outside the daily norm and implement improvements.

Analyze QC Reports Point of Care Connectivity

Analyze detailed reports

View your QC statistics for a visual representation of the selected criteria. Quickly assess any bias that may exist with different reagents.

Dashboard circle charts

Empower better care through deeper analytics and actionable insights

Every person, device, and POCT result must meet their respective standards of compliance. And you need to be able to monitor that compliance data and analyze it in real time to reduce risk and advance care. Data-driven, proactive, and efficient point-of-care testing is about more than quality control—it’s the gateway to better care.

Combining the most powerful release of the POCcelerator® Data Management System with in-depth, enhanced data analysis provided by the POCcelerator Ci module, delivers intelligent compliance to digitalize healthcare in ways previously unimaginable.

  • Intelligent compliance reporting
  • Integrated E-learning
  • EQA and proficiency testing
  • Enhanced operator management

Interested in connecting only Siemens Healthineers devices? Ask your local sales representative about POCcelerator® SE Data Management System today!

Open Connectivity for Blood Gas instruments and deep integration

Connect POCcelerator Data Management System to your Siemens Healthineers devices for maximum device performance

CLINITEK Advantus® Urine Chemistry Analyzer
CLINITEK Status® and CLINITEK Status+ Urine Chemistry Analyzers
DCA Vantage® Analyzer
epoc® Blood Analysis System
RAPIDLab® Blood Gas Systems
RAPIDPoint® Blood Gas Systems
Stratus® CS and CS 200* Acute Care™ Diagnostic Systems

Download the ONE Solution infographic to see the enhanced features and functionality of your Siemens Healthineers devices when paired with POCcelerator System.

Teaser Digitalizing Care in the Outback

Transforming care delivery across one of the world’s largest POCT networks
The installation of POCcelerator® system improved not only the operations of the Queensland Health system but also access to care across the country. Through improved tracking of operator training, the POCcelerator system helped enable better-trained operators allowing them to produce higher-quality. See more

POCcelerator System has more than 220 device interfaces. Check for compatible instruments by downloading the Device Interface List.