Spotlight on the 14th SOMATOM World Summit

Axel Lorz|2019-10-01

For the first time, our biannual conference for Computed Tomography (CT) practitioners, the 14th SOMATOM World Summit took place in Toronto, Canada, from June 25-27, 2019.

Under the inspiring theme “Today is about tomorrow. Together in Toronto”, this year’s conference offered another unique opportunity for medical professionals from around the world to connect and share their experience and understanding of the latest developments in CT imaging. Around 350 international attendees accompanied us on our journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving the patient experience all enabled by digitalizing healthcare. Throughout the Summit, participants seized opportunities to meet colleagues, exchange opinions and experiences, as well as to socialize and network. The meeting was sponsored by Bayer, reflecting the importance of contrast media for optimum diagnostic confidence.

Among the participants were close to 70 renowned speakers and chairs – all respected experts in their field – whose presentation topics covered all the relevant disciplines in the field of CT radiology and included the latest developments as well as visionary perspectives.

Trends of computed tomography as well as recent developments in CT imaging were presented at the CT world summit in Canada.
André Hartung, Head of Diagnostic Imaging at Siemens Healthineers, kicked off the event by outlining why radiology is at the core of clinical decision making.

To open the conference, André Hartung, Head of Diagnostic Imaging at Siemens Healthineers, gave an inspiring speech about current developments and future trends of CT, setting the tone for the program that followed. The working sessions covered the following subjects over two days:

  • Session 1: Innovation and Digitalization
  • Session 2: Precision Medicine
  • Session 3: Pediatrics
  • Session 4: Neuro & Emergency
  • Session 5: Functional Imaging with CT
  • Session 6: Oncology
  • Session 7: Cardiovascular
  • Session 8: Hot Topics

The latest medical and technical developments in these areas were analyzed, explained, and discussed by three to five experienced and skilled experts from different subdivisions of the main subject. Novel technologies such as Photon Counting detector design were introduced, both from a technical perspective as well as with a focus on potential clinical benefits. The most significant advantages of these detectors include reduced electronic noise, increased spatial resolution, and the ability to perform multi-energy CT scans. The same approach was taken to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), for example, in a presentation that explored the identification and tracking of novel marker patterns to support early prediction of disease and response to therapy. Another presentation showed the Opportunities of AI in Emergency Radiology with a focus on the improvement of time-critical workflow steps.

The now well-established role of Dual Energy CT scanning techniques on single source or dual source scanners was outlined in various talks with a focus on the lung, MSK, the abdomen, or explicitly on the detection of Crohn’s disease. Additionally, the audience learned about the advantages of Dual Energy CT (DECT) scans in a trauma setting. During the pediatrics session, it was demonstrated that DECT does NOT require more radiation than conventional single energy CT. The use of our Tin Filter with pediatric patients was shown and displayed that Spectral shaping (Sn100kV) of ultra-high pitch non-enhanced chest CT is capable of significantly decreasing radiation exposure without impairing image quality and diagnostic accuracy.

The presentation on workflow improvements based on the FAST 3D Camera demonstrated how the AI supported camera integrates smoothly into the routine workflow setting and improves isocenter positioning, as well as X-ray dose burden.

Since its inception as a mere user meeting, over the years, the SOMATOM World Summit has developed into a renowned, respected, and innovative scientific forum and one of the leading drivers of new developments in the field of radiology. The conference has become an established platform for the scientific community, which regards the status quo simply as the starting point for further scientific
progress. As a result it continues to make essential contributions to the further development of an important field of medical research – radiology. This is a community that cares about innovation, a community that is constantly striving to improve.

This makes the SOMATOM World Summit one of the most important user event and opportunity for luminaries in the CT field to share their experiences.