Intervención en Oncología
Image-guided solutions for interventional oncology

Intervención en Oncología

What’s new in Interventional Oncology

syngo DynaPBV Body - Evaluating perfusion for personalized treatment

For the first time in the interventional lab, the trend towards patient-individualized treatment during every step of interventional therapy will be fortified by the new 3D syngo DynaPBV Body functional imaging.
It indicates the distribution and amount of blood in lesions and surrounding tissue by means of color-coded cross-sectional blood volume maps and hence supports in evaluating blood volume information in order to assess changes in perfusion over the course of treatment. Learn more


Cancer care - New opportunities

Interventional Oncology - The fastest growing field in interventional radiology

With more and more minimally invasive oncology procedures being performed in the angio suite, interventional oncology is now the fastest growing field in interventional radiology. These procedures have increased by 52% in the last nine years and are expected to grow in the future.


Each year, more than 10.6 million patients are diagnosed with cancer worldwide.
There are more than 1,300,000 cases of lung cancer, 1,200,000 cases of breast cancer, and 1,000,000 cases of colorectal cancer worldwide. Many cancer patients develop metastases, which are largely not surgically treatable.


Interventional oncology provides new treatment possibilities for these patients.



Cancer cases are on the rise
By the year 2020, cancer cases worldwide are expected to increase by 50%*.


* World Health Organization, WHO 2003

Artis family of imaging solutions

With our Artis products we offer a broad portfolio of systems for interventional oncology. The product lines include a floor-, a ceiling-mounted, a biplane, and a multi-axis system with robotic technology.