Diagnosis and management of MGRS

In this webinar, Prof. Minnema explains monoclonal gammopathy of renal significance (MGRS) and elaborates on the challenging diagnosis and management of the disease. MGRS summarizes all kidney disorders caused by a secretion of monoclonal protein (M-protein) in patients who do not meet the diagnostic criteria for multiple myeloma or other B-cell malignancies. MGRS-associated kidney disorders are diverse, including glomerular diseases, tubulopathies, and vascular involvement with varying clinical presentations. Diagnosis is often challenging due to the wide spectrum of MGRS and involves measurements of M-protein or serum free light chains and markers of kidney function.

Monique Minnema, University Medical Center Utrecht

Prof. Dr. Monique Minnema
Professor of Hematology
UMC Utrecht Cancer Center, MS Hematologie
University Medical Center Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands